I Love the 90s

I’ve been on a real 90s kick lately. 90s music, in particular. We switched music providers at work and with the new company came new stations, including a fab 90s station. It’s plays allll the good jams. From rap to grunge to R&B to pop.

Maybe it’s just the nostalgia of listening to it now, but it seems that music was so much better back then. Am I right? Of course there’s good music now too, but some of the junk played on the radio today pales in comparison to the mainstream music of the 90s. Or at least that’s my opinion. You’re entitled to your own, I suppose. 🙂

Last night, out of nowhere, I got the urge to go for a run. Something I should have confessed on Sunday is that I’ve really been slacking on working out as of late. Not that I’ve ever been super consistent. It’s just that it had been a LONG time since I last did anything even remotely worky outy.

I have no idea what got into me, but the boys said they were going to get ice cream (okay, one of them said it, the other got really excited and started jumping around all over the place) and I thought “I should go for a run!” I’m not even sure I know who that girl was, but she picked up her phone, tuned Spotify radio to the 90s station and off she went!

My plan was to alternate walking and running, song by song.
But “Believe” by Cher was the first jam & it got my blood pumping so I started running right away.

Next up: “Pony” by Ginuwine. A fantastically naughty song, great for a walking a couple of blocks.

I’m an *NSYNC girl, through and through. Perhaps you guessed that from my obsessive JT posts?
But when “Everybody” by BSB came on, it was just the boost I needed to get my run on again.

I ran a bit, walked a bit to “Spice Up Your Life”. I must admit that I really had to refrain from “slamming it to the left” and “shimmying to the right”.

Then I sped things up again for the last little leg of my run. With help from MC Hammer, of course.

It was epic. I couldn’t have picked a better playlist if I’d tried. None of my favorite 90s songs, but just the songs I needed to keep up the momentum. I have no idea how far I went, but I do know that it took me a little over 20 minutes. Just long enough for me to be feeling it today.

It hurts so good. (But that’s from another decade.)

I’ve tried to make running “a thing” before and it’s never really stuck, but I do know the next time I get the urge, it’s 90s genre radio all the way.

What are your favorite 90s jams? I feel like music changed SO much from the early 90s to the late 90s, but I’m a fan of it all. Whitney Houston, Boyz II Men, No Doubt, Destiny’s Child, The Fugees, *NSYNC, Jewel…I could go on and on and on! There were also so many great one hit wonders and awesome soundtracks. The Craft and Romeo + Juliet soundtracks are still some of my absolute favorites.

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