Nearly Perfect

Today was one of those days. The kind of day where to stop and think to yourself “I love today,” on more than one occasion.

A crappy summer cold knocked me down pretty hard mid week but I just didn’t have time for it. It was yet another busy week at work and I had a few other obligations I couldn’t get out of. I spent most of the week feeling like a zombie. But I trudged through, and I can’t even explain to you the relief I felt when walking out the door after work yesterday.

Despite still not feeling great, I pulled myself together, put on my big girl skirt (really, I wore a skirt) and headed to Jolly Bob’s for  tasty tropical drinks and Caribbean fare.

See, don’t I look sick? Ugh. I still have soooo much mucus. Seriously, ALL the mucus. TMI? IDC.


Anywayyy, we were home *cough*eating ice cream*cough* in bed before 11.

And today, I slept until 8:30. Glorious 8:30!

I made a quick trip to Hy-Vee and then spent the rest of the day on the patio.
I’m no conesseuir (honestly, how do you spell that word?!) but I kinda dig Hy-Vee’s dragon rolls. And you’re right, pairing it with Summer Shandy was weird.


Some friends stopped over for drinks and the boys brewed a batch of beer.


We had chicken and nachos on the grill for dinner. Yes, we cooked the nachos on the grill too. Summer is grilling season and we take that pretty seriously around here.



No nearly perfect summer day would be complete without fro yo so this was necessary.


It was all nearly perfect. Awesome weather, great friends, good eats, refreshing drinks. I lie here now on my freshly washed sheets, hubby snoring on one side, pup snuggled in on the other, thinking about how perfect today was… except for when I backed into my husband’s car this morning.

Yeah, I did.

I told you right from the start it was only nearly perfect. It’s a good thing he loves me or I’d probably be nearly dead right now.

Happy short work week! 🙂

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