Friday Fluff

It’s been a while so I figured you were due for another post of random crap that’s been entertaining me as of late.

Depressing and oh so true.
30 Signs You’re Almost 30

I would also like to point out that Wednesday night I did, indeed, get carded. No, not at the grocery store where they card everyone. At an actual bar. By an actual bartender. I almost kissed him.

I went to my first ever Concerts On The Square this week. A few lady friends and I relaxed over drinks and snacks on a blanket on the capitol lawn, with live music in the background. The weather was PERFECT!

concerts on the square (source)

Oh yeah, Fourth of July happened. That was entertaining!
Eats and drinks. Family and friends. Music and fun.
4th of july

And on the 5th of July, my husband decided to rip the carpet out of our hallway.

THEN, on the 6th of July (this is thrilling, isn’t it?), he ripped apart our closet.
closet project

So NOW, on the 12th, 13th, & 14th of July we’ll be moving our bed to the living room, ripping out our bedroom carpet, repainting our bedroom, and finally, laying wood floor in our hallway and bedroom. Luckily, I’ll be at work all of those days. And you bet your bottom dollar I’ll be ever so grateful to go to work all of those days.

My fingers tips might be permanently stained from all of the cherries I’ve been eating this week. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

That reminds me, I can’t get enough of Miley’s New Song. I wish I had never seen the video, but I still dig the song. #noshame

And finally, Tuesday was our second wedding anniversary. I don’t know how two years went by already, but the calendar tells me it’s so.

We went to dinner the night before at the site of our rehearsal dinner, which I guess is now tradition. Can something be a tradition after only two years? And on our actual anniversary we had a quiet dinner at home. I guess that’s tradition too. There were no cameras or phones. We just hung out and like, talked to each other. You’re right, it was weird. 😉
And kinda wonderful.
I would do this day all over again in a heartbeat.

One last thing:
In the midst of all of this closet demo, I found my wedding day purse. My jewelry, belt, garter, room key, pill case (ibuprofen, just in case!), and about a billion bobby pins remained inside, completely untouched since our wedding day. I thought about putting them all away, and then thought better of it. It’s like it’s own little time capsule. A treasure for my future children and grandchildren to find one day.
wedding purse

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