This Little Blog Of Mine…

…had it’s second birthday on Thursday! I actually didn’t think much of it until yesterday when I realized it was once again National Ice Cream Day, which is when I made my very first blog post here on The Dish by Trish. It took me exactly one month to make my next blog post and there have been times where I’ve completely fallen off the blog wagon altogether, but I keep coming back for more…eventually.

In honor of this little blog’s special day, I thought it might be fun to take another look at how people find themselves here.

Here are the most popular search terms as of late:

1. Advocare Sooo many different search terms related to the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse and 24 Day Challenge. I’m not currently taking any Advocare products, but I do think they make some good ones to help with weight loss and performance enhancement. I’m looking forward to doing another cleanse some day soon!

2. Magic Mike– Yep. Still bringing tons of people here daily.

3. White Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes

4. Autumn Sangria

5. Dinosaur Cupcake Cake

6. Kani Salad

7. Muffin Top Cookies

8. Zip Line Cancun

9. Dill Pasta Salad

Well, that’s all the time I have right now. Justin Timberlake is calling my name!!! T-7 hours until The Legends of Summer at Soldier Field!!

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