I Tried

A few days ago my mom and I were discussing those silly people that post comments on recipe boards, such as All Recipes.

You know the ones, “Well, this recipe was just okay. I give it two stars. I used all of the ingredients listed, except I didn’t have any cinnamon so I just used paprika and it tasted kind of funny.”

Really? You substituted cinnamon with paprika and you’re shocked that it tasted funny?!

You don’t believe that these comments exist? Oh, they do.

At any rate, we also discussed how I’m not very good at following recipes. This is ironic because I’ve always been a much better baker than cook, and let’s face it, baking requires some serious recipe following unless you want your cookies to be more like mini pancakes. Side note: This has, in fact, happened to me. Actually, it was one giant cookie sheet of pancake…

Late last week I was inspired to whip up some sort of beer braised pork tacos. Maybe with some jalapenos and pineapple juice. Sounds ambitious, right? But I was really thinking I would just let all of the stuff simmer in the crock-pot all day. But I got busy. And forgot. And here we are in this week.

So this week I tried my hardest to create a bomb diggity recipe for these pork tacos so I could share it with ya’ll. I started out so well, making note of every ingredient as I added it. Then I just kept adding things. I tasted the pork once it was cooked, realized it need more something, so I added that. And while it turned out pretty well, it’s certainly no recipe so you’ll just have to settle for a photo.


I also made that spicy slaw to the left. The peppers came from my garden. But yeah, still no recipe. I have no freaking clue how much of anything I put in that bowl, but it turned out pretty great.

I know what you’re thinking… all of these words for one lousy photo?

Sorry ’bout that. I told you, I tried.

4 thoughts on “I Tried

    1. For some reason you went to my spam folder, hopefully I fixed that problem. Seriously… the comments are ridic. I honestly don’t know how some of these people don’t burn down their homes with their “great ideas”!


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