The Opposite of Labor

It’s been a lazy one ’round these parts today. I think my hours on the couch count is currently 6. Yes, 6 hours on the couch. In one day. I can’t really recall the last time I did this so I’m loving this laborless Labor Day.

It’s actually been a laborless four days for me and they’ve all been quite fantastic.

I spent Friday baking cupcakes, packing, and doing some cleaning. Our power went out right around dinner time so we grabbed a burger at Madison’s Best Burger Joint, Dotty’s, until we thought our power might be back.


Saturday we headed to Dubuque for the wedding festivities of our friends, Andy & Kristen. The first order of business was the rehearsal at the Dubuque Arboretum, followed by the rehearsal dinner at L. May Eatery in downtown Dubuque.

We noshed on salad, pizza, and cupcakes made by yours truly!

L. May was super adorable with a great looking menu and awesome beer selection. I would definitely visit if I find myself in Dubuque again.


After dinner, we headed out for drinks on the Mississippi River Walk at a welcoming party for all of the wedding guests in town. I’ve known Andy since childhood, and practically grew up with his family so it was nice to catch up with so many familiar faces.

A bunch of us also hit up the casino across the street from our hotel. My mom and I totally raked in the cash on the slot machines…


Luckily, the hubby was a bit more successful at the blackjack table.

Sunday was wedding day! The location was seriously beautiful but I really failed in the photo department. You see this pretty blue blouse I’m wearing here? Well, I sat in direct, scorching sunlight through the ceremony and completely sweat through my shirt. It dried, but remained stained so I had to legit go back to the hotel to change after the ceremony. Lucky for you, I also failed to document how attractive I looked in my sweat stained shirt.


We took a stroll up the river walk for a drink at Stone Cliff Winery between the ceremony and cocktail hour.

The views were pretty spectacular!


Those of us ladies whose husbands were in the wedding party dubbed ourselves the Wedding Party Widows and had a great time while the boys were doing their wedding party duties.


The rest of the night was full of dancing and celebrating with some of the best people around; some family, and all friends.

It was a truly glorious day and we’re so happy for Andy & Kristen!


How did you spend your Labor Day weekend?

And how much are you dreading going back to work/school tomorrow?! There’s just something about the first day of school that is so thrilling. I’m actually really excited to see the bus pull up on our corner tomorrow, watching as some of our neighbor kids race to get on the bus in anticipation for their first day back, while others drag their feet. While I’m not looking forward to going back to work after four days off, I already have another day off on Thursday so it shouldn’t be so bad easing back into things for a couple of days.
Happy September to you!

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