Friday Fluff

Hey guys! It’s almost the end of your short work week! Isn’t it funny though, how four days of work after three days off preeeetty much feels like infinity days of work?! I had four off, worked two, had yesterday off, and then work the next…well, I’m not sure when my next day off occurs. But it’s all good. I’m being as lazy as possible until I have to go in to work tonight and thought I’d share with you some of the fluff that’s been entertaining my laze.

Friday Funny
This is why I love Panchero’s. They mix it alllll up with Bob the Tool.
(and now I’m totally having a burrito for lunch…)

Friday Fail
I ate at least three of these moldy Cho’s this week. I survived. And I almost ate another one yesterday even after hearing about the recall. I resisted. But then I was forced {FORCED!} to eat chips and salsa for breakfast…

Friday Fall
Yep. That’s me, the one on the ground over there.
seasonal depression
Yeah, yeah. Changing leaves. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Boots. Cooler temperatures. Sweaters. Pumpkin beer. Scarves. Football. Comfort food. Pumpkin everything. But fall lasts a nanosecond. And before you know it, the season that shall not be named is here. So for now, I’ll just be over there, face in the ground, pretending fall is not upon us.

Friday Food
Not unlike the rest of the Midwest population with a garden, we’ve been swimming in zucchini for months now. I’ve tried my best to use it up as we go by throwing it into just about everything we eat. But after a few days out of town, I was way behind on zucchini usage so I did some zucchini baking yesterday. I was able to give away a few loaves, but one loaf of this scrumptious stuff is just staring me down today…
bread 3

Friday Functionality
We don’t have a ton of cupboard space in our kitchen. And as a wife who likes to cook/bake, with a husband who likes to collect beer glasses, it’s a fact that we have piles of kitchen stuff (glasses, bakeware, pots, pans) that hasn’t even made it out of the boxes I unwrapped at my bridal shower 2+ years ago. So yesterday, I tackled a little project.
Perhaps this pantry and cupboard don’t look particularly organized to you, but let me assure you, we’ve come a long way baby. Everything is far more functional now.
PS: I think I made room for even more stuff!! 😉
PPS: I also have a few more baking supply shelves in the basement. I might have a problem.

Friday Furchild
No filters here, people. This guy is just THAT good looking.
He’s at the perfect point between grooms right now. Next week I’ll be complaining that he looks like a total ragamuffin and asking myself why I waited so long to book his next grooming appointment. But this week is an entirely different story. His hair is the perfect length and also slightly matted, making it so it sort of stands up all over the place and smudges in right where it’s supposed to, just like your favorite stuffed animal. He is my very favorite stuffed animal ever.

Friday Find
Okay, I didn’t find it. Courtney found it for me, but The Trip Tribe is so cool! It’s pretty much like a social network for people with similar vacation interests. There are “live trips” (already booked) and “crave trips” (won’t actually happen unless enough people show interest).

trip tribe
The truth of the matter is that we have a 10-day Mexico by way of Jamaica adventure ahead of us in February so I’m not sure there will be any other trips in my near future, but that doesn’t mean I’m not dreaming about the Costa Rican Beach Adventure up there…

Friday Free Cheese
I got my first VoxBox! Influenster sent me coupons for free cheese! They know how to make this Wisco girl happy.
I’ll be reviewing Sargento Cheese Sticks on the blog real soon, but here’s a little spoiler… I buy these things all the time and already know I love them!

Friday Friend
This lovely lady nominated me for a nice little blog award because she thinks I’m sweet/kind/dear and so on and so forth. And I think those things about her as well, so one of these days, I’ll “officially” accept this award and follow through with what I’m s’posed to do. It includes answering 11 questions about myself, and while I seem to have no troubles rambling my Friday Fluff nonsense here, I have to admit I’m a little intimidated by answering those 11 questions about myself.

Friday Fact
I’ve been sitting on the couch for far too long and must make at least a little something of my day. I think I hear Target and that burrito calling my name.

Happy Weekend!

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