Friday Fluff

Friday again?! This week just flew right on by for me, how about you?

I’ve officially entered my busy season at work, which is ironic because I feel like my busy season just ended. But busy season means more money in my pocket so no complaints here.

Well… maybe a few complaints. But none at the moment.

I’ve got a fun weekend ahead, starting with work and finishing with play so I’m looking forward to finishing up the work part so I can get to the fun stuff!

Here’s a little fluff to help keep your Friday as light as possible!

Friday Fare
I made these last night. Because I simply could not bear the thought of one more day without these heavenly creatures in my life.
samoas cupcakes
I’ll have to wait a few more hours though because I ran out of time for the topping. #cannotwait #drool #anniecandonowrong #dobloghashtagsevencount?

Friday Food Babe Fact

Part of me wishes I could unsee this.
beaver butt
Also, thanks Kerry for introducing me to Food Babe. I think…

Friday Funny
Minus that glaring spelling/grammar/English error, this is soooo so true. J is working longer hours these days, meaning he gets out of bed an hour earlier. Even though I’m not sleeping any longer or later, I swear that last hour of sleep after he gets out of bed is like the best sleep EV-ER. You know, like the 9 minutes of sleep in between snoozes? Yeah, that kind of sleep. #dopeopleuserealalarmclocksanymore? #peopleotherthanme?

Friday Favorite Football Anything Ever

Don’t tell me that green and gold is coincidental

’tis all for today, friends. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!

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