You Can Call Me Queen Bee

Have you heard of Lorde?

Surely you’ve heard the song Royals.

But if not, have a listen.

And try not to fall in love with Lorde’s deep, wise-beyond-her-16-years voice.

Yes, sister is 16.

In Royals she sings about not caring about money or superficial things, pointing out that she comes from a crappy neighborhood and definitely didn’t come from money. But that doesn’t matter because girl is driving a Cadillac in her dreams.

By now I’m sure she’s able to buy herself a few Cadillacs, but I love her just the same.

In other songs she talks about not really wanting fame, sings about teenage things, but in a sort of adult manner.

She writes her own music and it’s paired with some pretty dope, understated bass and beats. Within the first few notes of Royals, I was hooked, but I’m pleasantly surprised that I’m digging her entire album, The Love Club EP.

Check it out. It will make your Monday better, I promise.

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