Sunny Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday to you!

We’re here at my parent’s house again. My two favorite guys are still working on the fence.
Isn’t this lattice gorgeous?! Good job picking that out, mom.


Meanwhile, I’m inside with my two favorite guys of the furry variety and they’re both looking mighty cute this morning.



and dogbrother…


For some reason my mom thought it would be a good idea to leave me alone with two pies while she’s at church.


I really hope she’s praying that they’ll still be in tact when she gets home.

I’m filling up on coffee to distract myself from pie.


Oh, and crosswording. You know it’s a good crossword when one of the answers is Snoop Dogg.


I don’t know if it’s the the fact that I woke up to my mom baking pie after eight glorious hours of sleep, the fact that I don’t have to return to work today after one helluva stressful day yesterday, or the coffee, but I’m really feeling sunny today.

Of course it could have something to do with the actual sun. It is quite glorious.


I also just love waking up on this street. I may be all growed (yes, growed) up now and live in a home that I actually own, but this street will always be home to me.


And speaking of home to me. This house is totally like a shrine of photos of me. Wanna see?

Circa 1987.


Senior Photo. I almost don’t even remember being that blonde.


Swimmin’ with dolphins. I cried. Obviously.


Later today we’re having family photos taken, and THEN… we’re having Thanksgiving dinner. I could not be more excited. No, we’re not Canadian, we just don’t like to wait around for the holidays. When you want turkey, you want turkey, ya know?

And let’s face it. There’s something to be thankful for every single day.

What’s making you smile today, friends?!

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