On Productivity

Some days being productive is what keeps us sane. After a long work week, the only thing you really want to do is lie on the couch with a stack of magazines or cookbooks and tune out the rest of the world. But sometimes you need to scrub a toilet, fold some clothes, or sweep a floor before you begin that tuning out. Am I right?

Unfortunately for me, my desire to be productive generally doesn’t strike until about midnight. I’ll lie in bed, mind racing about all of the things I need to get done. And every once in a while, I’ll give in to that urge, hop out of bed to tidy up a few things or pay some bills. Then I can check one item off of the list in my brain, dulling the strobing red “to-do” light that previously kept me awake.

On the contrary, there are days when a lack of productivity is equally as satisfying. Today was that day. A day where I declared a sympathy hangover for my husband, who had a little too much fun last night. I was the closing manager for our Halloween shindig at work. The hubs and some friends participated in the festivities and then got stuck with me at work until 5 o’clock this morning. Yes, 5:00 AM. So even though I didn’t drink (save for a couple of Jello shots and a beer slam), I actually did feel a little hungover today. Work hungover.

Sidenote: I was a scarecrow.

My internal alarm clock woke me up at 8:30 despite my 5:30ish bedtime. I trudged to the kitchen around 11:00 to inhale a couple of frozen waffles. I returned to bed, only to feel restless, then get up to hang with our houseguest for a bit while watching my husband turn positively green the more he woke up. Houseguest left, husband continued to feel awful and I got a sudden burst of energy to sweep and dust the living room. I then returned to bed once again.

Leggings + leg warmers = Sunday Couture

Around 3:00 we went to retrieve the hub’s car and I decided a little trip to Trader Joe’s was necessary. As it turned out, every single person in Madison had the same idea so it wasn’t as enjoyable as I had hoped it would be. It’s nearly impossible to not be pleased with a TJ’s haul though.

I made a meal out of those animal crackers and peanut butter pretzels on the ride home. Then I threw together a second meal including the turkey meatballs and marinara.

And then? Back to my spot to read all about Joey Potter’s Katie Holmes’ “sexy new life”.

Have I mentioned I recently started watching “Dawson’s Creek” on Netflix? WHYYYYY?!

Oh, and speaking of Netflix. We’re also finally on the Breaking Bad bandwagon. Holy crap. I heart Jesse Pinkman.

I hope your Sunday has been pleasantly productive. Or not. Whatever floats your Sunday boat, I suppose!

2 thoughts on “On Productivity

  1. you are the cutest scarecrow in the world! i haven’t been to TJ’s in forever, mostly because i’m afraid of how much i will spend in one trip…fall is the most dangerous time of year there. i love sympathy hangovers…somehow they make me feel not as lazy.


    1. Thaaanks, lady! I spent maybe $10 on my costume and it was one of my favorite DIYs. TJs is actually super cheap compared to our usual, local grocery store (aka the convenient one right up the street that we can’t afford but go to it anyway because it’s easy) but I always come home with so much stuff I don’t need!


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