Hopping on the Thanks Train

30 Days Of Thankful.
Thankful November.
Whatever you want to call it, seems like everywhere you look, people are giving thanks for something different each day of this month.
And now, so I am.
But since today is November 3rd, I have a little catching up to do.
So here they are, three of the many things I’m so thankful for.

1. My Family
I’ve mentioned before that my family is not exclusive to those with whom I share blood or a marriage certificate, but the three with me right here are at the very top of my list.

1.5 My Fielder
Okay, so he counts as family, but also deserves his own number. I am so thankful for this little man every single day. He’s been with me through thick and thin, makes me smile on the darkest of days, and loves me unconditionally no. matter. what.

2. My Home
Our house is not big or fancy, but it is ours. It is warm and cozy, has everything we need, and I’m thankful every day that I have a roof over my head.

3. My Health
As I rapidly approach the first anniversary of my 29th birthday, I grow increasingly more thankful for my health. Not since my years of dance lessons and swim team have I ever gone more than a month or so on a consistent workout routine, sometimes I go an entire weekend without eating a bite of anything even remotely green, I’ve drank (drunk?) alcohol to the point of throwing up more times than I care to admit, and the abuse I’ve put my insides with fad diets and fake sugar is just embarrassing. Despite all of that, this body of mine has just kept on truckin’, allowing me to live a normal life, almost entirely free of prescriptions, ailments, or injuries.
I’m on a constant quest to treat my body well by learning more about nutrition, practicing more moderation, and not taking for granted the healthy body I’ve been given.

Are you giving thanks this month?
Of course I’m thankful for far more than 30 things, far more than 30 days a year, but it’s kind of nice to actually sit down and think about 30 things that I’m really thankful for. Thinking about it, writing about it, makes me feel even more grateful.

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