Monday marked the first anniversary of my 29th birthday. Quite the milestone, huh?

How did I celebrate such a milestone, you ask?

Well, I worked. It seemed like the adult thing to do.

And turning 29 again means I’m like REALLY an adult now.

But when I got there, I was greeted by flowers. So that didn’t suck.

Then the kitchen manager made me brunch. A veggie tart that is no longer on the menu, but was featured on our ginormous Thanksgiving buffet, and there just happened to be a few leftover pieces. That absolutely did not suck.

And then a little later, some of my co-workers/besties (can 30-year olds people my age still say “besties”?!) brought me balloons and cards and cupcakes. And that didn’t suck at all.


A surprise visit from my mother, bearing gifts, topped off my day of work quite perfectly.

And then I had a gloriously lazy night on the couch. And that was exactly what I wanted.

Sounds pretty boring for such a milestone, but it was really my cup of tea. Maybe my second 29th year is going to be a boring one. And that’s just fine by me.

A few nights prior to my birthday, we did celebrate with dinner and some drinking.

We had dinner with my parents.

Then drinks and cake (actually a giant cupcake made by my mom without the use of one of those giant cupcake tins- cake genius!) with more friends after.bdayme


It got to be a late night, which made for a very tired almost birthday girl. My only plan for Sunday was to get our Christmas tree but we just didn’t have it in us. 😦

And since we’ve begun the tradition of cutting our own, getting one after work (meaning also after dark) any day this week just wasn’t an option. So this week I’ve been putting little touches of Christmas everywhere without actually having a tree to decorate.


But let me tell you, starting the week off with a milestone, then spending the rest of the week Christmas decorating really makes for a happy me. A happy 29 again me.

Serious question for my fellow bloggers, WordPress users in particular. Today I got the dreaded “You’ve used up all your free space!” message. I went through and deleted/resized a BUNCH of photos and I’m back to having space again, but I know it’s just temporary. What now?? I’ve been using WordPress all this time without paying a dime. I’d love to keep it that way, but I’d like to know what benefits there are to paying. More space? More creative freedom with the blog layout/design? I know some of you are experts so clue me in, please! Consider your advice a belated birthday gift! 🙂

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