When the Cat’s Away

I can’t speak for the rest of the mice, but this mouse right here? She drinks wine and watches endless hours of Scandal when her cat is away.

J spent the weekend at his dad’s cabin, tucked away in the middle of nowhere with limited to no cell phone reception. He does this trip twice a year, and in years past, I’ve definitely taken the opportunity to hang out with my girls while he was away, but this time I opted to simply get comfortable on the couch with a bottle glass of wine in my hand, computer on my lap, Olivia Pope on my tv, and furchild by my side. It was glorious.


When I woke up Saturday morning, thankful that I hadn’t been robbed or murdered (why wouldn’t I assume this would happen when staying home alone?!), I made myself coffee, and did some baking. I then watched President Fitzgerald Grant III awake from his coma and subsequently watched another 7 or so episodes of the second most addicting show on television. Breaking Bad is, ironically, the number one most addictive television show, FYI.

Of course I couldn’t be lucky enough to have the entire weekend off, so work was inevitable Saturday night but it was an easy peasy night and by the time I rolled out of my ginormous, luxurious bed (seriously, it feels so huge when it’s just Fielder and I snuggled in it) this morning, my hubby had returned from his boy’s weekend.

One brief moment of disappointment that my single lady weekend was over was quickly overshadowed by how much I missed him.

This mouse really loves her cat.

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