Friday Fluff

Here’s a fun little list of random crap I like right now. Enjoy!

I’m not even currently watching this show, but I can’t stop thinking about it. I may or may not have watched the first two seasons in one week. And season three, the current season, just ended last night so Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all full of Scandal-related things I shouldn’t be looking at until I watch. Regardless, I know when I finally get around to watching season three it will be thrilling, shocking, and unbelievable even if I read the entire season synopsis on Wikipedia. I wouldn’t! But I might…

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen
I totally want a celeb double date with these two. Is there a contest I can enter or something?
I guess I’ve always been a fan of his talent, but “All of Me” is ALL OVER and I recently discovered that his latest album is pretty freaking amazing. I’ve been dropping hints that tickets to see him this summer would make a grrrreat anniversary gift. Now Chrissy, she’s freaking hilarious. She has the best awards show commentary and despite her being a Sports Illustrated model, I get the feeling she would be fun to just hang with. Like a mud mask, sappy movie, pajama party kind of girlfriend. She cooks, she blogs (well, not so much recently), and she takes on haters like it’s her job. Also, those legs!
2011 NBA All-Star Game - Performances And Celebrities

This. Seriously. I laughed at myself so many times while reading because I too, have bought into so many of these ideas and fads over of the years. There’s so much conflicting evidence, and there are so many new studies every day that it’s just soooo confusing to keep up with what’s good for me today. I believe in eating for your health. I believe that most illnesses, most ailments, most diseases, can be prevented and/or treated with food. Good, wholesome, healthy, organic food. I believe that if we all ate a little better most of the time, we’d all be much healthier most of the time. But sometimes I just want to have a Pop-Tart and a Diet Coke for breakfast and not think about all of the artificial, cancer-causing junk I’m consuming. Ya know?!

Trident Layers Candy Cane Gum
This is the best. gum. ever. A little bit sweet, but not so sweet that it feels like you’re eating candy. Pepperminty, but not so pepperminty that it freezes your throat when you drink water. You know what I’m talking about, right??! It tastes great with both coffee and Diet Coke. It’s soooo soft and keeps it’s flavor for a nice long while. I’ve been in search for the perfect mint gum for a long time and this is it. The holy grail of peppermint gum. It says “Limited Edition” on the package and even though we’re well past candy cane season, which leads me to believe it’s really not so limited after all, I still buy whatever is left in the current box at the Target checkout. Yes, yes I do.


We’ve really been trying to eat at home more, which means I’m sometimes eating a bunch of snacks throughout the day rather than eating full meals. I like snacks.

Snapchat is silly, unnecessary, and pointless, really. But I love it. I love getting little snippets of friend’s lives throughout the day. I know all sorts of social media allows us to see these snippets just the same, but there’s something exciting about the idea that we only see it for 10 seconds or less and then it’s gone!

snapchat (source)

Do you Snap??

3 thoughts on “Friday Fluff

  1. ooookay. all of this is amazing. firstly, you need to get on scandal season 3. secondly, i am OBSESSED with chrissy teigen, like she’s my spirit animal. and those cracker creations look so sooooo good! i want some right now. nothing is making me full at work, and i bring huge lunches nowadays. i might have to get froyo later. aren’t you glad you know that now?

    have a happy weekend and a happy easter!


    1. In fact, I am quite glad to know that. Might I suggest toppings including, but not limited to, graham crackers, strawberries, & chocolate chips?!
      I want both Olivia Pope & Chrissy Teigen to be my BFFs and I’m really tempted to buy season three on Amazon. Maybe if I’m really good the next day and a half, the Easter Bunny will bring it to me?!
      I hope you, your tiny bunny, Mister Man, and the rest of the Hooley & Z clans have a most blessed Easter weekend as well!


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