Summer Bucket List 2014

The other day I went stand up paddle boarding with a couple of the best gals I know and one of them shouted, “checking this off the bucket list!” as we headed back to Brittingham Boats to return our boards. SUP was something I’d wanted to do for quite some time, but it wasn’t necessarily a bucket list item. Then I realized that I didn’t actually have a bucket list, and decided that a summer bucket list was essential. Especially right now, in my ongoing effort to say more yes to life.

So here it is. My Summer Bucket List 2014.

this should be easy. i heard fireworks right outside last night, but didn’t get up to look. we have tons of fireworks shows around here in the summer so i tend to take them for granted. this year, i vow to watch an entire show.

*baseball game*
another easy one, but a summer essential nonetheless.

*meal from garden*
i am so so soooo excited about this one. can’t wait for our garden to start producing so i can whip up a meal consisting mostly of vegetables from our garden.

*food cart picnic*
a few weeks ago something super cool showed up in our neighborhood…food carts! downtown madison is home to many food carts, but we live wayyyy out in the ‘burbs so it’s pretty cool that each wednesday night we get a cute little line up of trucks to choose from. we’ve hit them up a couple of times already, but i really want to get food from the carts and set up a little picnic at the park across the street from the cart line up. soon!

*farmer’s market*
this should be a given. i shouldn’t have to add farmer’s market to a bucket list, but last year the only time i made it to the farmer’s market was when i had to make a delivery/pick-up for work. sad. but true.

because really, what IS a bonfire without s’mores? 

*sun tea*
this one is for my husband. he just LOVES sun tea. it’s something i try to do for him every summer, but i’m always taken aback by how much sugar he likes in it and wind up trying to make a less sugary version for him, which of course he doesn’t like as much. this year i’m going to make his tinted sugar water just how he likes it.

*unplug for a day*
i think i can, i think i can, i think i can…

*outdoor concert*
Summerfest has a super fun lineup this year and i’ll punch someone if i don’t make it there at least once. outkast is at the top of my list right now.

*stand up paddle boarding*
you’re right, i did this one already. but there is no photographic evidence so it doesn’t count. plus, i really want to do it again!

*and pie!*
somehow baking a pie didn’t make it on the list initially, despite it being something i tried already this week. if at first you don’t succeed…

what’s on your summer bucket list?

have you tried SUP?

One thought on “Summer Bucket List 2014

  1. i LOVE sup. i want to do it always! makes me wish i lived on a lake. my summer bucket list consists of the following: going golfing once before i get too big. going to a st. paul saints game. eating all the corn on the cob. finishing the nursery. pushing out this baby. the end.


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