According to Hallmark, the traditionally appropriate gift to honor the third wedding anniversary is leather. If you consider yourself a modern couple, crystal or glass is apparently the way to go.

I won’t be gifting my husband with a pair of leather cowboy boots or a set of crystal champagne flutes today, that’s for sure.

Instead, I’m giving him time. Time with me. Time after work because I won’t be staying late every day. Time on the weekends because I won’t be working weekends anymore. Time during the holidays because I won’t be working holidays anymore.

This gift of time will technically be a belated one, as my official last day at my current job isn’t until July 19th, but so much stress has already been lifted that our time together is more precious, more lighthearted, more fun, even now. He might not say it, but I know he already feels like he has me back. I’m not lost in the world of worrying about how much work is waiting for me. I’m not constantly checking my work email or keeping my phone at an arm’s length just in case I get a work-related text message.


Time is precious. And time is the only gift my husband wishes for on this anniversary of ours. So time is what I will give to him. Time is a gift that we’ll happily share.

Wanna know a secret? That first picture was taken on our actual wedding day, at our actual wedding venue. The second one was taken two weeks later, in a different town altogether. We’re tricky like that.

4 thoughts on “time.

  1. happy anniversary you little pumpkins! here’s to many more years of happiness for both of you. (also. whaaaaat? what’s the next step after the job ends lady? I NEEDS TO KNOW!)


  2. A (late) CONGRATS girl! Things have been off the wall nuts on my end and VERY happy to (slowly) getting back to a routine…. Beautiful photos, y’all look so happy!

    Good Luckwith the new job too – you will kill it!
    xoxo from London <– eek!!!!!


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