embracing seasons

with each passing year i find myself embracing the change of the seasons more and more. maybe it’s because i’m getting older and finally learning to appreciate how lucky we are to witness nature’s beauty as she transitions from one season to the next, or maybe it’s just that i’m growing more tolerant of each season, even that terrible one that’s been giving us a sneak preview this week.

this isn’t to say that I’m looking forward to full blown winter, not at all. but I feel as though each year my dread for it lessens. and with that, my ability to enjoy the other seasons grows. i’ve always been one of those people that dreads fall because i know what comes after it, so i find myself sulking on the couch thinking about dreaded winter, when really it’s gorgeous outside and i could just throw on a light jacket and embrace the gorgeous autumn weather.

this autumn was an autumn to remember weather wise, so i really tried to take advantage of it. had the weather not been so gorgeous it’s possible i would’ve found myself pouting indoors with a pumpkin spice latte in hand, but instead, i went out and embraced it.

i mean, what’s not to embrace about this? don’t you want to just give it a big ol’ hug??


in recent years we’ve been blasted with cold and wind so early that it’s almost like fall didn’t exist. this year, I was reminded of what a bang up job Wisconsin does with this beautiful season.


we had a little Oktoberfest party last month & while it wasn’t the warmest day, the display of colors in our yard could NOT be beat.



a work trip to Wollersheim Winery (I know, rough job I have) at the beginning of November seemed chilly but the winery grounds were still pretty gorgeous.


standing outside in the cold learning about ice wine seemed all the more appropriate too!


and as the colder days are closing in on us, I’m embracing cozy nights at home, knowing I got out there and enjoyed the heck outta fall.

coming home to the husband making dinner then sharing with this guy is pretty embraceable too.


wherever you may be, I hope this finds you warm and well, embracing the season upon you.

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