I suppose this post could also be titled “Lazy” but cozy seems much more inviting, no?

We’re having a particularly cozy weekend here at home, one weekend of peace before the hustle & bustle of the holidays is fully upon us. Rather than think up a million things to do, we opted to fully embrace it.

Fielder & I stayed snuggled in bed well past 9:00 yesterday morning. This boy of mine is a true momma’s boy in the mornings. Even if he hears daddy eating (J always goes out to watch tv/snack on the couch on weekend mornings- he knows I prefer to lie in bed in the quiet) he doesn’t leave my side. He stays cuddled up, tight as can be, sometimes even right on top of me, until I’m ready to get out of bed.
We ate breakfast, made a grocery list, cleaned up the kitchen, & made homemade noodles in the morning. We grocery shopped, napped, & sat on the couch in the afternoon.

I turned those noodles into soup for dinner, and we watched The Wolf of Wall Street while snuggled under blankets. It’s not particularly cold this weekend, but it’s foggy, damp, & gloomy. A perfect weekend to stay indoors.

We took Fielder for a nice, long walk this morning and then J made us breakfast.

The rest of the day will likely be rather lazy cozy. Perhaps another movie. Some cookie baking for sure. And a roast is in the slow cooker for dinner.

The fireplace is on, the Christmas tree is lit, and my heart is content.


If I haven’t mentioned it already, I just love cozy weekends at home.

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