the first one after five

the first day of work after five days off was rough. my brain wasn’t working properly. i thought i was hungry when i wasn’t. so i ate plenty of mini candy canes to make sure i was properly nourished. just in case.


i felt like i kind of forgot how to work. then again, it was so slow that i didn’t really need to remember. my attention span was that of a three year-old in a toy store. i longed for pajamas & candy crush soda saga (yep) & snuggles with this guy.


a few times I caught myself staring at my keyboard or computer screen, trying to remember what in the heck i was doing.


and at times i felt so tired that a laptop pillow seemed like a pretty darned great idea.


it’s funny how quickly your body adjusts to sleeping in, lounging around, & general relaxation. and not funny at all how difficult it is to transition back into a routine.

hope your first day back after the holiday break wasn’t too rough. or better yet, i hope you didn’t even have to go back to work today. gosh, that would be splendid. i would take another five days of no alarm clock in heartbeat!

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