the ghosts of NYE past

you know what’s really cool about social media? it allows you to live vicariously through your own past NYE experiences when you choose to spend NYE cuddled up on the couch instead of out at the bars.
I’ve had to work at 8am the past few New Year’s Days so we’ve kept it pretty tame. while this year is a little different in that I don’t have to work tomorrow, we’re still keeping it quiet.
I think I’ve finally (maybe?!) come to realize that the hangover isn’t worth it. I’ve always much preferred going out any other night of the year anyway.
that said, the past ten NYEs have been pretty fun.
this little collection of photos brought back some pretty great memories.











I suppose the only one that needs any explanation is that last one. we were at a NYE pajama party & one of our friends wore pjs with some backside ventilation. 😉

cheers to the last few hours of 2014!

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