Avocados. But not really.

Avocados are like the perfect food. Am I right? Smoothies. Salads. Mac and cheese. Grilled cheese. Sushi. I can’t think of many things that aren’t better with avocado than they are without.


Mash some avocado on toast and you’ll wonder why you ever thought butter, cinnamon, and sugar was the best topping for toast. Sit down to a meal snack of chips and guacamole and literally forget all of your cares. Or maybe that’s only when tequila is involved too? Regardless, I hope we can agree that avocados are a true gift from whatever heaven it is you believe in.


Today, however, I’m pretty excited about a couple of things that aren’t actually avocados but I’m told they’re about the size of avocados at this point so obviously I fell even deeper in love with them this week. It’s impossible for me not to love anything avocado related. It’s also impossible for me not to love anything baby related. And as it turns out, I’ve got some double love going on here because not only do I have one avocado-sized something to love, I’ve got TWO avocado-sized somethings to love. Of course I won’t actually be able to smother them with loving kisses until June or July but that doesn’t mean that my love for them doesn’t grow by the day, just as they grow and develop every day.

If you’re not picking up what I’m putting down here, the avocados I speak of are, in fact, TWINS. Of the baby variety. I’m rounding out week 16 of the absolute most surreal few months of my life and I can only imagine how surreal/exciting/amazing each month of my life shall be from this point on.

the babes

These pictures are from our nine week ultrasound so the babes are obviously much bigger and more baby like these days. Unfortunately the thirteen week didn’t provide any decent photos so I’ll have to wait until the end of the month for photos from our twenty week “photo shoot.”

As you might expect, I’ll be back to talk about this topic at more length. In fact, I think I may have just found the “blog voice” I seem to be always searching for.

6 thoughts on “Avocados. But not really.

  1. If I didn’t love avocado in almost every form already, I do love them even more now! So excited you shared the news on your blog and even more excited to spoil those two 😉


  2. Ok I do love Avocados, but I can say I truly with out a doubt Love those two little avocados that you are talking about more than I can even put into words. I ‘m going to be a Grandma and that has made me feel all kinds of crazy love for you my Daughter and Justin, my son-in-law and Baby A and Baby B, the Sleeper and the Olympian WOW! just amazing!


  3. oh my GOSH!!! i saved this post to read till later, so i wouldn’t forget to comment on it and i’m like, who doesn’t love a good random post about avocados? then i get to the good part and i literally blinked at it for a minute then squealed!!!!! i am so so so happy for you guys! what an amazing thing, for someone who has never met you in person, i am beyond excited for you to become a mom…of twins! ah! looks like i’ll be coming to visit you in madison instead lady….


    1. Thanks, lady! This is all pretty crazy, that’s for sure. You can guarantee I’m poring over each and every word of your motherly advice posts these days. Now only if your mom had a blog where she could teach me the ways of the twins! 😉

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