21 week update

Babies: Babies are supposedly the size of bananas this week. And since they were supposed to be the size of small cantaloupes last week, I’m guessing the banana size is in reference to their length. I’m more a fan of this baby size chart anyway but it doesn’t have a 21 week estimate.
How am I feeling? Overall, pretty good. I have my moments. Moments of exhaustion, moments of just not feeling like myself, and most recently, moments of wanting to cry about absolutely nothing. But in the grand scheme of things, I feel pretty great. I feel so lucky every single day, despite my constant fear, nervousness, and inability to believe that someday soon I will be a MOTHER TO TWINS. (!!!)
Happy or moody most of the time? I’d say happy for the most part, but like I said, I seem to have hit an emotional point in this journey over the weekend. I’m generally a very emotional person but up until this point it’s almost as if I’d been less emotional than normal. For instance, Justin’s grandmother passed away a few weeks ago. I’m normally a basket case at funerals but for some reason, I hardly shed a tear! This past weekend, however, I cried a few different times and once I started, I couldn’t stop. No apparent reason, and in my mind I knew the crying was totally irrational but I couldn’t do anything to stop it. The good news is the warm sunshine we experienced here today seems to have helped!

Total weight gain: 
No clue. I get on the scale every four weeks at the doctor’s office and they never say a word about my weight. If they say something, then I’ll start to be concerned, but the way I see it is this is the one time in my life that I’m supposed to gain weight. I’m not using the “eating for three” excuse all the time but I eat when I’m hungry and I eat what I want and try to incorporate vegetables whenever I can. Bottom line is that there is way too much other stuff to worry about. Other stuff that’s way more important than a number on a scale. I’m having twins. I’m bound to get pretty large. And I’m probably not going to love the way I look. But growing humans trumps being skinny any day.
Maternity clothes? Yes, please. I went through my closet and dresser drawers over the weekend and pulled out all of my non-maternity clothing that either already doesn’t fit or seems as though it won’t for much longer. Currently those clothes are piled on the bed in our spare room, but I suppose I’ll get around to doing something with them soon. Maybe.
I’ve purchased a few maternity pieces and have been loaned a few too. I’m mixing and matching pieces so as not to spend too much money on clothes that may not fit for long because it already seems like some maternity gear that fits me now may not fit towards the end of this pregnancy. Now that the weather is getting nicer I’m looking forward to wearing ALL  the maxi skirts ALL the time.
Sleep: Sleep has been okay, not great. I’ve always been a tummy sleeper, at least when falling asleep. And then at some point in the night, I usually flip over to my back. I normally sleep on my side from time to time too, but now that it’s recommended and suggested as the best for babies, I’m struggling with it. I usually have no problem falling asleep but I wake up with sore hips and want nothing more than to roll to my stomach. It’s been pretty customary for me to wake up between 2 and 3am the past few weeks. I’ve noticed that the babies tend to move around the most at this time but until today, it didn’t seem like they were actually waking me up. Today they had a big ol’ 21 week kickoff dance party, it would seem. Right around 4:30am. I kept trying to remind myself that I’ve been awake at that hour for far less exciting reasons.

Miss Anything? BEER!!

Cravings: Chips, cookies, pasta, potatoes, ice cream, candy, carbs/sugar in general.
Stretch marks? None so far, thank goodness. I am getting pretty veiny though. That’s weird. And I think I can already see my linea nigra darkening just a tad.
Belly button in or out? In. But it’s definitely becoming more flush with my belly and seeming like it’s only a matter of time before it’s more out than in.
Wedding ring on or off? On for now, but it’s getting harder to take off when I apply lotion. I’m definitely going to need to take it off for the duration sometime soon. I think that’s a good enough excuse to get a fun, temporary ring, right?
New Baby Items: I haven’t bought a thing. We’ve received a couple of handmade blankets, which I love, but I’ve resisted buying anything. It certainly helps to not know the sex. If I did know, I’d probably be buying totally unnecessary clothing items all the time!


**I’ve decided to go into even more depth on these next few items since they have changed so much over the months and the experience seems worth mentioning if it helps someone else determine that the experience they’re going through may not be so strange after all.

Symptoms: Early on, I was exhausted all the time. I was getting 9-10 hours of sleep, yet felt drained all the time. The exhaustion led way to feeling constantly hungover. Hungover without any of the fun drinking. I felt like I could throw up all day long, but never actually did. That might seem like a good thing to some people, but without throwing up, you never get that sense of relief you get from actually vomiting. Brushing my teeth was absolute torture. I gagged and ran to the toilet nearly every time. On the very first day of my second trimester, I threw up for the first time. I threw up a couple of other times that same week but it was never anything too terrible. Headaches have been pretty persistent throughout my entire pregnancy. Like, debilitating, don’t-want-to-open-my-eyes, I-can-feel-my-heartbeat-pounding-in-my-head style headaches. Tylenol didn’t do a thing. Per my doctor’s recommendation, I’ve incorporated a serving of caffeine into my daily diet and this is currently helping to keep the headaches at bay. Yes, caffeine. Follow your own doctor’s advice, but mine believes that one to two servings of caffeine each day is perfectly fine. 200mg of caffeine seems to be the general recommended maximum so my goal is to keep it at 100mg or less and that works for me. Acid reflux settled in a month or so ago and it’s been a real bi-atch. I attempted to resolve this issue with Tums, Rolaids, and other chalky goodness (remember this random mention of Tums?) but when that didn’t work I had to bring in the big dogs in the form of Pepcid (again, okayed by my doctor) and I’m finally getting some relief. Thaaaaank goodness. Acid reflux is absolutely no joke. It woke me up in the middle of the night. It made me afraid to eat anything and everything, even though eliminating the “trigger foods” didn’t make things any better at all. I’ve also been dealing with congestion, which seems like a weird pregnancy symptom but apparently it’s a thing. And since I have no known allergies, nor have I ever really felt like I have any other cold/flu symptoms, I guess I have to attribute it to the swelling of the mucous membranes in my nose due to the high amounts of estrogen coursing through my body. What?! Pregnancy is so weird! I think that brings us current with my symptoms and while it seems like that was a long list of symptoms, they’ve all been pretty tolerable. Everyone keeps telling me that pregnancy symptoms and sickness are supposed to be so much worse with multiples but for the most part everything I’ve experience seems pretty minor in relation to all of the crazy things that are happening in my body.

Food Aversions: I’m able to eat just about anything now but it was rough going for awhile. Even just the thought of a cooked vegetable made me want vomit. Chicken turned my stomach. At one point I had to dump out an entire tub of Sabra Roasted Pine Nut Hummus after spitting out the carrot I had dipped it in because I simply could not stomach it. I replaced the lid on the container, put it in the refrigerator but swore that I could still smell it. I had to dump the entire container down the drain, gagging the whole time. This week I was finally able to get back on the hummus train. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to handle the roasted pine nut again, which is a real shame because it used to be my favorite, but honestly just looking at the photo of it on the website makes me feel a little ishy. The smell of coffee was absolutely disgusting to me for awhile. Luckily my office mate drinks iced coffee, which doesn’t put off as much of a smell as hot coffee but I had to plug my nose whenever I walked past the Keurig at work. Lots of other foods grossed me out too but I can’t even recall most of them now.

Food Cravings: At first I craved everything I couldn’t have. RUNNY EGGS, lunch meat sandwiches, spicy tuna rolls, BEER. But I eventually got over that and moved on to wanting pretty much only white foods. Ramen noodles, potatoes in every form (fried, mashed, roasted, all preferably dipped in mayonnaise), cereal, lots of dairy. The desire for starchy, carby goodness hasn’t waned but I’m really excited about my ability and desire to eat vegetables again. I could probably eat cheesy potatoes with Brussels sprouts for dinner every night.


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