a compilation of drafts

I just found four nearly finished draft posts in the archives here. You see, it’s not that I don’t want to post, it’s just that I start, get interrupted, and then start again with a new idea later. But today seemed like a good idea to finally get all those thoughts out there, and thus you have my favorite kind of post. One full of complete randomness, otherwise known as a look inside my brain. Cluttered, messy, disorganized, and 101% random.

From looking back at those old drafts it appears I wanted to tell you that sometimes old is better than new. Our dryer completely died on us last fall. It came with the house & was likely close to 15 years old, so it seemed logical to buy a new washer & dryer set rather than spend any time or money trying to fix the old dryer. Since the washer was perfectly fine, we moved that to the basement, figuring an extra washer wouldn’t be the worst thing. The new washer sucks. It is SO LOUD and nothing about having to wash clothes twice because they didn’t even get wet the first time around seems highly efficient to me. The worst part is that Fielder is absolutely terrified of the thing clunking around & rather than getting used to it, his fear intensified the longer we used it. After a few months of begging, pleading, & whining, I finally won the argument and the trusty “old” washer was brought up from the basement. We’re all much happier now. Our old washer & new dryer make an extraordinary pair!

I wanted to tell you that my baby sister got married a few weekends ago. She’s not really a baby or my actual sister but that didn’t stop me from feeling weepy & sentimental for the entire wedding weekend. It was gorgeous, it was fun, it was emotional at all the right times. It was truly everything a wedding should be!

Photo credit: SKC Photography

Have I ever mentioned that I’m the oldest of twelve cousins, the majority of which are girls? A couple couldn’t make it but it was so great to spend time with the rest of them!

I wanted to tell you that even though I’m not drinking alcohol these days, I’m making fun, fancy mocktails so as not to get too bored with the usual water, sparkling water, half decaf iced coffee, & juice that I’m always drinking. Actually, I might still turn this into a post in & of itself but for now I’ll say that it’s been fun coming up with concoctions from time to time.

I wanted to tell you that while I had the best intentions of having a “fit” pregnancy, I’m not doing so hot in that category. Other than walks with the dog when weather permits & some squats whilst blow drying my hair, exercise is at a minimum. I get in a 20 minute circuit in our basement from time to time but nothing consistent.

And this hadn’t made it to a draft yet but I also wanted to tell you that we’re rounding out week 24 of pregnancy & I’m still feeling pretty good overall. Acid reflux is my nemesis and I shall curse it’s name for the rest of my life, but all things considered, I’m feeling fine. –is that a song??- 

Usual, every day tasks are getting more & more difficult so I’m grateful that slip-on shoe season is here to stay (fingers crossed!) & accepting that I really have to watch my step because things are just going to stay on the floor sometimes.


At our last ultrasound (23 weeks) the babies were measuring 1.8 & 1.9 pounds so by now we’ve got well over three pounds of baby in there. Just over the past few days they have really been making their presence known in the way of moving around so that not only do I feel it, but I can even see it from the outside. My coworker even caught a glimpse the other day!

We had rainy, stormy weather most of this week, which meant my furchild stayed as close as possible when things got the tiniest bit thundery. I took so many pictures of him snuggled up with his babies this week that if there were any doubt of my level infatuation with that fluff monster, that doubt would be all but diminished by scrolling through my camera roll. These three are going to be the best of friends!


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