not sweater weather

Even though it’s currently 73 degrees with gorgeous sunshine, I can’t get  that song out of my head. There’s nothing too cold about today. There are no goosebumps. At least not in the  “I got this chicken skin because I’m freezing sense”, yet as I sit outside sans sweater, that song repeats in my head.

Fielder jumps off of my lap from time to time but stays true to his momma’s boy heart the majority of our spell outdoors. A whole yard to run in, tons of people and dogs walking by, but he’d rather stay close to mom. I love this boy.

In the brief moments he’s off sniffing the grass or deciding if he wants to bark at the passersby (he only puts thought into this when wearing his bark collar, of course), the babies are able to soak up some sun too. And I know they’re my babies because I feel (and see) them doing a happy dance. Okay, I witness their happy dances all the time these days but today I’m quite certain this sunshine and warmth is causing both of them, and my heart, to do a happy little jig.

Can you see hair on my legs? If so, just pretend you can’t, okay?

The moral of the story here? Warm sunshine makes me happy. And getting a song stuck in your head is the worst. Even if it’s one you like.

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