& Friday thoughts | 4.17.15

Let’s take the alliteration one step further and go with five fluffy items on this fantastic Friday.

1. I think, maybe, I have my acid reflux under control for real. Then again, I’ve said that before… I really tried to go the natural route and force chugging apple cider vinegar to work. And it did. For one night. And then I tried again for four consecutive nights, and it never worked again. So after about a week of pretty much no sleep at all, I tried Zantac. And it’s working. For now.

2.  Two baby cribs. That’s a thing. A real thing in our real house. Baby registries are a WONDERFUL thing and I’m so looking forward to the shower my mom & girlfriends are planning, however, waiting to decorate the room to see what items are gifted is pure torture.


–2.5 Last week I set up a blanket (actually a robe) on the floor of the nursery while I attempted to put together an exersaucer we got as an early gift. As previously mentioned, things are difficult to pick up these days so I left the robe on the floor & look who I found soaking up the sun in his future siblings’ room a day or two later?

3. A stranger knocked on our door last night. Normally I wouldn’t answer but the door was open with the screen door locked & he spotted me so I was kind of stuck. Turns out he was selling Dairy Queen coupons “for charity” and obviously I went for it. Eight FREE small Blizzards? Come on, even if we don’t use the other thirty-six coupons, we got our $20 worth in Blizzards alone. I practiced some major willpower by waiting until tonight to make a Blizzard run. You know, just to make sure they were legit.

4. DID YOU WATCH SCANDAL?!?! **spoiler alert** HOW could they kill off Jake Ballard??? I think I would’ve cried if I’d known it was real. I thought for sure they would find a way for him to not be dead but Scott Foley confirmed it today. 😦 

5. These letters are heartbreaking. To think that some children don’t even have pencils at home makes me want to cry. It’s so easy to take for granted the simple things in life!

Happy Weekending!!

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