*Note* At the time of posting, I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant. But I had a bunch of weekly updates drafted and figured I’d do my best to summarize. Perhaps someone will find these posts useful someday. If nothing else, I might enjoy looking back and remembering smaller details of this crazy experience of growing babies.

I hit a sweet spot during this pregnancy. A spot in which, despite not sleeping much, I had energy. A spot in which my bump felt nice and healthy, but not in the way or heavy. A spot in which acid reflux was still a nasty bi-atch from time to time but I didn’t have to take maximum doses of Zantac every day just to keep from tasting fire in the back of my throat.

This sweet spot occurred somewhere between weeks 22 and 26 and I have to imagine I was “aglow” for a good portion of it. Plans for the nursery started really coming together. We finalized our baby registries for my upcoming shower. We had more in depth discussions about names. And in general things just started getting more and more real. And for the most part, I felt just like myself, just a little heavier.

26 weeks

If every week of pregnancy were as smooth sailing as these weeks were, I’d want to be pregnant forever. Joke. Honestly, the reality that these two babies might be our only babies, and that I might never experience pregnancy again, is becoming very real. I’m not sure I want that to be a reality. Even with the ups and downs, I’m truly enjoying being pregnant. Especially little sweet spots like these!

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