Weeks 27-30

In just a few days we’ll be at the start of week 31. I’d have to say that these past few weeks have had me really feeling more pregnant than ever before. This is my best synopsis of how things have been progressing and changing as of late.

Around week 27 things started getting a little more uncomfortable. Swelling of my feet and ankles has become more consistent, but not constant. It does seem to be worse when the weather is warmer. You know, so I can show off my sausage toes in sandals. Acid reflux continues to be a problem, more frequently and fiercely so. Every day tasks continue to get more difficult and it just seems like this rapidly growing belly of mine is really starting to get in the way. Of course I know most of these things will only intensify over time so I’ve been doing my best to take it all in stride and deal with things as they come, rather than dwelling on them. I mean, it’s pretty disappointing to have to wear boring flip-flops rather than cute buckled sandals, but the reality is that buckling those tiny ankle straps requires more stability and lung capacity than I have at this time so ankle-strapped buckle sandals are reserved for when I have someone here to help me get dressed.

The babies continue to grow equally and healthily so complaints about how I’ve been feeling during this time are honestly irrelevant. I know I could have it so much worse and would gladly take more pain/suffering/discomfort if that means the babies will be strong and healthy. That said, a night with more than a few hours of sleep probably wouldn’t be the worst thing for me or the babies. I had two or three nights of amazingly sound sleep in the midst of this three week period but other than that, you can pretty much count on my being awake from 2am-5am EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

What a difference two weeks makes, huh?
26 weeks on the left, 28 on the right.


I’ve also noticed myself really slowing down during this time. I remember waking up one day after only one snooze of my alarm, getting ready for work without much distraction, yet being late to work. Normally this morning pattern would get me there 5-10 minutes early. I can attribute this only to the fact that I am simply not as fast or efficient these days. Bottom line, it takes me longer to get from point A to point B, whether I want to admit it or not. I’m finally allowing myself to slow down too, which was tough at first.

The babies REALLY started moving during the time frame. They’ve been active now for quite some time but it seems like they’ve just been constantly on the go for the past couple of weeks.

I attempted to paint my toenails to celebrate the warmer weather and my upcoming baby shower during week 28. I quickly realized this was a task I could no longer complete myself so I swapped my lunch break with a pedicure one Friday afternoon and it was by far more enjoyable than just about any lunch I’ve experienced. I hope to do this a couple more times before the babies arrive.

Overall I’ve been pretty surprised that my emotions haven’t been too overboard during much of this pregnancy. I’m a very emotional person normally so I figured those emotions would just be over the top and I’d be a wreck for nine months. Much to my surprise, that hasn’t been the case. However, I’ve been having a good cry or two over the past few weeks and in general I’ve been feeling pretty sappy. I’ll even admit that at times I feel a little sad. I know I have no reason for feeling this way but I think exhaustion is taking it’s toll and I get a little weepy from time to time. I’m just letting the tears flow rather than trying to keep them in. No need to bottle up that emotion, right?!

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