due date

July 21st. Back in November of last year it was determined that July 21st was the day that I could expect to bring our first child into the world.

But then everything changed and we ended up bringing our first two babies into the world on June 9th.

So today our boys are SIX WEEKS OLD and I’m wondering where in the heck the time went, as I will be for the rest of my life. These six weeks have no doubt been the longest, most exhausting six weeks of my life but they have also been so incredible, and amazing, and most of all, surreal. I don’t know at what point I will fully grasp the reality of all this. I’ve said this dozens of times but I have a moment each day where I sort of sit back and think I’m living someone else’s life…

It seems impossible that my pregnancy is over. It seems impossible that I’m a mother of twins. It seems impossible that we spent three weeks practically living in the NICU until our boys were ready to come home. It seems impossible that we’ve already had the boys home for three weeks.

But it’s all true and here we are. We’ve got a set of six week olds on our hands!  

Six weeks, by the way, is not the best age to attempt a “newborn” photo shoot. Even though our guys are now the size of your average newborn, they are much more wiggly and alert, but not quite to the point of responding to your voice in a manner that’s useful for a photo shoot. I’ll give proper credit for that photo when I have a few more to share.

//six thoughts on six weeks of motherhood

//it is possible to be so concerned about whether or not your babies are breathing, that you actually forget to breathe.

//I have no idea how people kept their babies alive before Google existed.

//watching babies learn is incredible. I’m constantly in awe of the things their tiny bodies can do already!

//there is nothing more terrifying than strapping an infant into a car seat, making sure they are not only secure, but also breathing. nothing.

//it’s amazing how little sleep is required to actually function. I’m not saying I could be solving mathematical equations but I am keeping two babies, a dog, & myself alive when I’m alone so I think that counts as functioning.

//the heart knows no limits.

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