29 thoughts while I’m away

A few weeks ago I started easing back into work two days a week. Even though my boys are super duper lucky and get the best baby sitter ever- GRANDMA!!- there were definitely some tears when I left the first day. I’ve since learned to appreciate my time away, interacting with other adults, and having a little freedom to run an errand without loading up the boys after making sure they’re fed/changed/content. But I’d be lying if I said my brain was focused on work the entire time I’m at work. It’s safe to say that I have NEVER in my life had such a wandering mind. These are just a handful (if you have big hands, I guess) of the thoughts that run through my brain throughout the course of a day away from my sweet little munchkins.


1. Does my mom have my phone number just in case she needs to reach me?!

2. Am I wearing a bra? *grabs boobs*

3. Is it just me or is everyone looking at me funny? Are my boobs leaking?? *grabs boobs*

4. I wonder what my babies are doing right now?

5. I am so tired.

5. Should I text my mom to make sure she has my number?

6. I should just check Facebook quick to see if she’s posted any photos of what they’re doing right now.

7. *grabs boobs* Time to pump!

8. Do they miss me?

9. I am sooo tired…

10. I wonder if they’ve had any poopy diapers yet.

11. Do I have spit up in my hair?

12. Crap, found a crusty chunk of hair. I must smell like sour milk.

13. It can’t hurt to just call my mom real quick to make sure she has my number and to see what they’re doing right now.

14.  But they should be eating right now so I won’t interrupt. I hope they’re eating right now!

15. I am really very tired.

16. I think I’ll just scroll through my camera roll so I don’t forget what my babies look like while I’m gone.

17. So. Effing. Tired.

18. Shit. Cute family walking by with a wobbly toddler and a cute dog. My boobs are for sure leaking now. *grabs boobs*

19. Time to pump!

20. I should really wash my nursing bra.

21. Will my boobs be smaller when the boys are done nursing? Hope so! *grabs boobs*

22. I should probably find another article to read about just how much caffeine the babies will get if I have a little more coffee.

23. I wonder what they’re doing right now?

24. Maybe I should walk to Starbucks to get some fresh air, enjoy my “freedom” before the work day is done. And maybe just get a tall iced coffee.

25. Why do the hours go by so slowly when not spent changing diapers and feeding babies?

26. Can I go home yet?

27. If I get pulled over for speeding and tell the officer I was racing home to see my babies, will I get out of the ticket?

28. Maybe if I splash some water on my shirt and tell him I’m leaking and really need to get home!

29. Ahhhh, finally home.

Home. Where being half naked and covered in breast milk is expected. Where my babies are smiley after a day with grandma. Grandma is equally happy after a day with her grand babies and she most definitely has my phone number. But I’ll still double check tomorrow. 🙂

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