get in my brain

but be careful, it can get a little crazy in here.

// I have had ZERO ice cream this week. When I shared this fact with Justin he made me stick out my hand to see if I was shaking from withdrawals.

// Speaking of Justin, he’s obsessed with making sure our children aren’t too hot or cold. Despite me telling him a thousand times that babies tend to have poor circulation and therefore cold hands or feet aren’t necessarily a sign that they are cold, he insists on adjusting their clothing/blanket situation accordingly. It’s cute. But also annoying.

// I’m back to work full-time, but full-time now means only four days a week. I have Thursdays off. Thursday=my favorite day of the week


// I’ve been thinking a lot about working out lately. That’s all, just thinking about it. Unless you count Thursday when I accidentally walked the almost three mile round-trip to the grocery store, pushing our double stroller in gale force winds. The accidental part was not realizing it was so far away. I mean, it seems like just a couple blocks when driving!

// The fact that I think three miles is a long way is also a good indication of my fitness level right now. I have a plan for that. But for now I’m going to continue just thinking about working  out.

// I just paused writing this post to get up and scoop myself some ice cream so just go ahead and disregard what I said up there. Instead let’s focus on the fact that we’ve had ice cream in the house all week and this is the first time I’ve eaten any.

// I turned my kid into a meme last week… And yes. He did poop on a pretty girl. One that lives in Australia, meaning he won’t get a chance to redeem himself until she visits again in the spring.

// I made a version of these bars this week. But with GOLDEN OREOS. I haven’t stopped thinking about them.

// A few years ago everyone started making a big fuss about women that have a bitchy look on their face when not engaged in conversation. I swear it was originally referred to as Bitchy Resting Face. It recently occurred to me that the majority of the population that speaks of such things, now refers to it as Resting Bitch Face. Correct me if I wrong but it’s the resting face that’s bitchy. It’s not the bitch face that’s resting. If your bitch face was resting it wouldn’t be a bitch face at all, right? Like, your bitch face is on break so your happy face is making an appearance. Right??

// While putting away the dishes this AM, was a thisclose to angrily accusing J of taking silverware to work and not bringing it back. Seriously, we were down to 2 spoons, a fork, and only the knives that we never use. Eyebrows furrowed in anger, I decided to look around for the missing silverware. Under the couch, on his nightstand. Nothing. Then I looked in the dishwasher. Apparently I failed to tell our nanny that we haven’t used that thing in years. And then it occurred to me that we’ve had a non-functioning dishwasher for years. We’ve been hand washing for years. We are so fancy.

// My mom hand made my Halloween costumes every year until the year I decided that it wasn’t cool to have my mom hand make my Halloween costumes  anymore. I’m so excited that she’s carrying on the tradition with her grandbabies. I’ll give you a hint about what they’re going to be.

Hint: it’s not one of these twin costumes! But these are all pretty cute too.

// I sent this text to J earlier today. More as like a whiny complaint than expecting him to actually do anything about it.

He came home with this:

I drank approximately one half of a beer. Took 4 sips of soda (do you squeeze the bottle to keep it fizzy if you’re like me and take a couple days to finish it??). And I devoured the unpictured cheeseburgers he made us for dinner. What. A. Guy.

Side note: I’m a total Coca Cola girl but for some reason I craved Diet Pepsi while pregnant and it just stuck.

// blackberry cucumber La Croix is my real jam these days though.

//I finally got my first Stitch Fix last week! It was super fun and I loved a couple of the items. Unfortunately most of them were too small in the boobs so I was only able to keep one. I will most definitely do it again though!

// It’s October 3rd. So naturally we watched “Mean Girls”.

// Watching “Mean Girls” made me realize that I quote a LOT of movies but when using said quotes, I don’t always know exactly what movie  they came from.

// Nolan is the King of finding comfy positions to nap and/or just chill. I envy this dudes ability to make every situation a comfy one!

// If I go to bed right now I can probably get five consecutive hours of sleep.


2 thoughts on “get in my brain

  1. this made me LOL, because I remember those days, and also, if you got five consecutive hours of sleep, you beat me. also: YES TO THE BITCHY RESTING FACE!!! you just blew my mind. also also: you handwash all your bottles???? also also also: I’m going to need to try that lacroix flavor…sounds bomb! ugh, why don’t we live close enough for Thursday playdates??


    1. Five hours is pretty much the norm, for which I’m grateful, but I would very gladly take a nap during the other 19 hours of the day!
      You can just call me prunehands, mmkay? Since the boys are primarily bottle fed, not only are we handwashing THEIR bottles every day, we’re also washing milk/pumping bottles all day errday.
      A trip to Rochester may be in my somewhat ear future. Perhaps a play date shall be scheduled when that happens?!


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