I bet you think that because I haven’t been around much lately, I’ve forgotten all about blogging, or that I no longer have time for this little space on the web. While the latter is at least partially true, the former couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve got so many ideas, so much to share, and I’ve been drafting posts like crazy. I found blogs to be SUCH a great resource while pregnant, and still do, almost daily, as we go through different stages and experiences with the boys. It’s nice to get a pediatrician’s advice, or read from one of the baby “manuals”, but there is nothing quite like hearing about another parent’s experience with their own children.

If I can return the favor and help one mom know that there is hope to breastfeed a baby that once screamed his head off any time a nipple came near his face (but that bottle feeding and formula are okay too!) or provide a sliver of comfort to expectant twin parents wondering how in the world they’re going to do it (if we can do it, you can too!), or let a new mother know that yes, she is crazy for Googling allofthethings (but at least she’s not alone!), then that’s exactly what I want to do.

But it doesn’t feel right here. I need a new space. A space that feels a little more twin-centric. A new name. A new look. There will still be plenty of normal life stuff, but the very biggest part of what’s “normal life” for me now involves two little (FOUR MONTH OLD!!) guys, and it seems appropriate to change things up to reflect what has been the biggest change in my life, thus far.

So be on the lookout for a new name. A new URL. And if you’re interested in the daily adventures (well… let’s shoot for weekly) of life with twins, then please stick with us! I can’t promise a regular posting schedule but I CAN promise cuteness. And that’s enough to at least check back for every once in awhile, right?
 I hope this sunny Saturday finds you out  apple picking or pumpkin patching or something equally autumnal. Justin is at a beer festival we’ve attended for many years. A day that usually finds me sipping craft brews and often times, just being one of the guys.

This year I opted to stay home with a different group of guys and we’re doing fun things like testing out lactation pancake recipes and taking selfies and napping.

As we approach the anniversary of discovering I was pregnant, which is surrounded by quite a few annual traditions of ours, I can’t help but sit back and reflect on how much can change in a year.

There is absolutely no way, that a year ago, I could have predicted my life right now. There’s no way I could have predicted just how sweet life could be. Even if sometimes it involves one brother trying to eat another.

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