fashionably early.

*The title of this post absolutely, positively, does NOT refer to me. I fear that I will never again be early for anything. In my life. Ever again.

For example; World Prematurity Day was Tuesday. And here I am, posting on Thursday...


While I never expected to carry twins to term, I also didn’t expect them to come six weeks early.

Though 34 weeks isn’t too incredibly early for twins, we were hoping for 37-38 weeks based on my healthy, complication-free pregnancy. We had plans for an induction around the first of July if they hadn’t come spontaneously by then.

But our boys couldn’t wait.

And just in that statement it’s so crazy to me to think that just over five months ago we didn’t even know that our boys were boys, yet at times it seems we’ve known them all of our lives. The personalities they display today are the exact same tiny personalities they displayed in the womb and in the first few weeks during their stay in the NICU. Of course their character traits have become more defined, and their personalities have certainly grown over time, but at their core, their individual natures remain the same.

Twin A is determined to be the twin slightly lower, in the position to come out first. And in our case it makes perfect sense, as Twin A was Theo. Our strong-willed, Type A, little man. He’s quick to pick up on things, even if he doesn’t do them correctly, or remember how to do them long term. HE. MUST. BE. FIRST. He came out first. He learned how to eat first (at least a bottle- he screamed anytime a boob came near his face for two months). He came home from the hospital first. He rolled over first (at 5 weeks- multiple times, and has never done it again). But then he just sorta forgets. Or gets so excited about the next thing, or focused on something else, that he loses interest.

Twin B, our relaxed Nolie Polie, doesn’t always catch on to things so quickly. For instance breathing outside of the womb. He needed some help with that. And eating. He didn’t really catch on to that so quickly either, which earned him a couple of extra days in the NICU. He’s shown no desire to roll over, however I’ve seen him use strength that would allow him to do so and I’m almost positive he could do it, if he wanted. But he’s just content wherever he may be. So very Type B.

Both are so incredibly sweet, so full of smiles and love and laughter. Theo smiles widely, then shies away. It’s flirtatious and adorable. Nolan smiles, his whole face smiles, and there is nothing shy about it.

They own my heart. They light up my world. They bring me sunshine when I’m faced with rain. Today, on World Prematurity Day, I feel so lucky that they decided to come out to meet us six weeks early. No amount of time could ever be enough with these two, but we’ll forever have those six bonus weeks.


2 thoughts on “fashionably early.

    1. You know they don’t always skip a generation, right? 😉
      Thanks for the love on the babies and the new look AND for the Periscope shoutout! I’m trying to make it a little more “me” around here these days but they don’t seem to have a theme that called “No makeup, covered in spit up, is this shirt even clean? “


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