holiday gift guide for new[ish] moms

New[ish] moms want one thing. 

It won’t cost you a dime so there’s no reason you can’t wrap it up and put it under the tree for your favorite new mom.

She’s wants a nap.

An incredibly long, soul reviving, mid-afternoon nap. One that involves a cozy bed all to herself, drooling, some serious REM, and maybe even snoring if that’s what it takes to get a deep sleep.

One where the babies are in good hands and far enough away to not wake her or “alert” her milk supply with their coos and/or cries.

A nap that leaves her confused upon waking. A nap that makes her think she can conquer the world when she wakes.

She wants to sleep like her baby (or babies!) sleep.

More specifically, the way they sleep when she needs to take them somewhere, or really any other time that is not a time period in which she needs to get something done.

The way they sleep for the nanny! For at least two hours, sometimes three!

So call her boss, tell them she needs an afternoon off, and put your mom pants on because a nap is the best gift you can give a mom that already has everything she wants and needs.

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