& Friday thoughts | 1.15.16

Ninja Coffee Bar – Best new parent Christmas gift EVER. You can brew a single cup, half a pot, or a full pot of coffee. Classic brew, over ice brew, or specialty (espresso strength) brew. No little pods or filters. MILK FROTHER. Perfection. We have big, exciting plans this weekend to pretend we’re baristas and whip up some of the “fancy” drinks from the included recipe book.

Bridesmaiding – In 2011 we attended seven weddings, including our own. Between the two of us, we stood up in five of those weddings. It was a really fun, really expensive year. Since then we’ve had minimal weddings, but numerous baby showers. 2016 is shaping up to be another wedding-filled year for us. I am completely honored that a dear friend has asked me to be a part of her special day!

Dove Dry Sprays – Influenster* sent us his and hers dry antiperspirants to try. We love them. Honestly. The men’s spray has a nice, fresh smell that is cologne-like but not in an offensive way. Justin is allergic to many deodorants but hasn’t had any reactions to this and has said multiple times that he intends to buy it on his own. Major bonus that I love the smell of it too! While I really like the women’s spray, I probably won’t buy it until summertime when I’m more concientious about underarm clumps. Also because I’m perfectly happy with the current deodorant I use. Coincidentally, that is also Dove and receiving these sprays made me realize how loyal I’ve been to Dove products, completely unintentionally. Works for me though, because I also love their mission!

Making a Murderer – Whenever I watch I sort of get this this eerie feeling that I “know” these people, simply because it all takes place right here in Wisco. I do distinctly remember Teresa’s disappearance and subsequently, this trial, being all over the news. I can’t say that I think Steven Avery is an innocent man but I also cannot say that I would EVER trust the Manitowoc police force. Some seriously shady stuff went down there. I love to hate the phone calls in each episode. I literally cringe while listening. But you probably do too, right? Yeah? Yeah. Yeah. I laugh cry emojied at these tweets.


Cauliflower “rice” – I finally jumped on the bandwagon and gave this a try! 101% did not miss real rice at all. I essentially followed this recipe for the rice itself, but swapped traditional fried rice ingredients like peas and carrots, with zucchini and mushrooms (aka what I had in the fridge that was going to go bad soon). So good! What it lacks in the photogenic department, it certainly makes up for in taste!


And these two. My everyday favorites. Eating/wearing sweet potatoes.


*Influenster provided these products at no cost, but I’m receiving no compensation for reviewing them. Opinions are all mine, per usual. 🙂

2 thoughts on “& Friday thoughts | 1.15.16

  1. I wish I could say this has prevented me from purchasing coffee. Alas, it has not. Much like sandwiches, salads, and other basic things I can easily make at home, there’s just something about the way that someone ELSE makes it for you. It has, however, significantly cut down on coffee purchases. On the flip side, our creamy booze budget has increased because you can be darn sure I’m frothing Cow Pie and Bailey’s on the weekends…


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