golden monthday

It’s a thing I made up because I love the number nine and I love celebrating these babies, who turned nine months on the ninth!

It’s been a while since my last baby update and things are changing at lightning speed.


I’ve recently come to realize that our boys have more than “caught up” in regards to their six week prematurity. In the last week we’ve been around three babies almost the exact same age and our boys are giants compared to the others. It’s easy for me to see photos of other babies their age and assume they are the same size but then in person it’s totally different.

Nolan remains the bigger twin, with the chunkiest thighs that I just want to eat up. He’s longer too, meaning he’s busting out the bottoms of most nine month footed pajamas so he’s most comfortable in twelve months. Theo is our mover and shaker but also a peanut. Still wearing some six month clothing but perfect in nine month.

I’m excited to find out official weights at their upcoming nine month well visit, but my super scientific method of weighing myself with and without a baby on my hip tells me Theo is about 18 pounds, while Nolan is clocking in around 20.

Teething in our house has been such a non-issue. I’m knocking on wood as I type this but other than a smidge of fussiness, a few middle of the night nursing sessions, and the constant desire to happily gnaw on  everything in sight, you wouldn’t even know they were teething. They are both about a half a tooth shy of all four top and bottom. Nolan keeps chewing on his finger, spoons, etc. wayyyy back in his mouth- almost as if he has molars coming in! I’m sure that’s not the case but he’s definitely getting some sort of relief with it.


Regarding that moving and shaking. Theo is officially crawling. Or at least his version of it, which is more of an army crawl but he has no problem getting exactly where he wants to go when he wants to go there. Which is always. I do believe Nolan is starting to get frustrated that he’s not able to travel everywhere like his brother but at this point he just does a rock back and forth on all fours and tries to “fly” with his arms and legs up while lying on his belly.

They are both finally sitting up unassisted and strongly enough to warrant their first big boy brothers  bath. Let me tell you, this makes bath time in our house SO much easier.


Bottles of pumped breast milk mixed with formula continue to be their main food source, with comfort nursing or “boob snacks” (another thing I made up 😉 as needed. Theo completely stopped nursing for a few weeks and suddenly one day started up again and I think our nursing relationship is better than ever! Nursing has never been their “main meal” so to speak, but I still am SO happy that I never gave up on nursing them! I say I’m going to stop pumping and just let things dry up at least once a week, but it’s those sweet nursing sessions that just keep me going back for more!

Around six months we also started incorporating solids. It’s been a somewhat slow process, as their interest has sort of waxed and waned but I think we’re finally seeing them get truly excited about food. We started with simple purées and have included some pieces of soft foods too. They love apples and bananas, sweet potatoes, pears, rice cereal (usually mixed with a fruit or veggie). They aren’t so fond of peas and make funny faces at a few other things I’m blanking on at the moment. Theo hates oatmeal but Nolan loves it. I’m not sure that they ever actually get any Cheerios into their mouths but I’ve been giving them a small handful from time to time and they really enjoy playing with them. They also love sitting in their high chairs and playing with kitchen utensils- a discovery made by grandma! This is especially helpful when I’m trying to do dishes or actually make food for the adults in our house to eat.

I steam/purée/freeze most of what they eat but we also have individual applesauce packages and some food pouches on hand for convenience. We generally just do one full-on high chair feeding each day, around dinner time. But when I’m home I also have been trying to incorporate a breakfast feeding and we have started giving them bites of whatever we’re eating. Theo, for instance, ate the black olives off of my pizza recently and I couldn’t be happier to have someone to eat them for me!

Such a dynamic topic. I’d say the norm is for them to sleep 9-10 hours, wake to eat, sleep for another 2-3 hours, up for the day. We’ve been getting at least one good nap each day and are desperately trying to make the 2-3-4 method work but we’re not quite there yet. We’re finally getting crib naps out of both boys and sometimes they even nap IN their cribs. At the SAME time. This is a major victory, people.

Of course there are also times they fall asleep elsewhere and I just don’t have the heart to move them. You know, like the middle of the living room floor.

Theo is somewhat like the energizer bunny in that he just keeps going and going and going until he’s just completely DONE. He sleeps later in the morning, and usually takes longer naps. He fights sleep like no other though.

Nolan also fights it, but not as much. He takes shorter naps and is always up first thing in the morning. I swear he just loves having alone time with his momma and knows he gets it if he wakes up first.

P.S. We do as recommended and put them to sleep on their backs but both are belly sleepers and make their way to the preferred position very swiftly.


Nolan has been a little chatterbox for the past couple of months. He “tells stories” when he wakes up in the morning, and often “sings” himself to sleep. He likes to screech, and recently Theo has decided to give that a try too. Theo very suddenly started babbling just last week too. He talks about “dada” alllll day. But I don’t think he has any idea who dada is, just a sound. Somewhat related, Nolan loves to shake his head “no”.


These boys really love music. Theo is obsessed with our Bluetooth speaker, and Nolan loves to “dance”. They LOVE when grandma sings the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Nolan is particularly intrigued by the ABC Song that this guy sings. They still love their Exersaucer and Jumperoo but I’m finding they prefer to be on the floor, exploring. It’s no question that they are people people. They love to interact with us and are thankfully comfortable around just about everyone they meet. Nolan gets a little stranger danger from time to time but usually gets over it pretty quickly.

What else? I don’t know. These guys are such a joy! I can see that they bring sunshine to everyone they meet- even people who claim they aren’t “baby people”. And that makes this momma pretty happy. Then again, just about everything they do makes me happy!

One thought on “golden monthday

  1. OH MY GOSH THEY ARE TOO CUTE. I can’t believe how old they’re getting. and also completely jealous of the fact that they fall asleep anywhere. so jealous. also, also: if it hadn’t been for the nursing time, I would have quit pumping so quick. you’re nearing the key time too! 12 months!

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