…and suddenly I get it.

I’ve always wondered about those parents. The parents who say their child is 26 months old instead of just saying that they’re freaking two. I realize that baby/toddler clothing is tagged in months up until 18-24ish, but honestly, is there any reason to count your child’s age in months??

Yes. Yes, there is. A very valid reason that, up until recently, I hadn’t understood at all.

It’s because after months, come YEARS. Once your child reaches the one year mark, they are no longer babies. You don’t count their age in weeks or months, you count it in years. Scary, wonderful, exciting, can’t-get-them-back YEARS.

One minute you have newborn baby boys and the next they’re hanging with girls that aren’t mom or grandma.

Then suddenly they’re driving.

And thriving.

And with each year, they inch further and further away from you. 

That independence they gain with each is year is utterly bittersweet. The more independent they become, the more you want them to need you. 

And so I’ve come to realize that those parents aren’t crazy or stupid. They know that there are 12 months in a year. They can probably even figure out that 18 months equals a year and a half. But when you say that your baby is a year old, it sounds so SO much more frightening than saying twelve months.

Once you start counting by years, you don’t get to go back to the months. And before you know it, the days of counting by weeks will sadly be but a distant memory.

All this to say, I have two babies that are about to turn ONE YEAR OLD.

I’m filled with fear. And excitement. And tears. And hope. And love. I have a lump in my throat the size of a boulder any time I think about the fact that we are actually going to be hitting this milestone so quickly. But one thing I know is that each day, each week, and each month of life with these boys has brought so much joy to our lives. And so I know that the years will too. They will bring happiness beyond my imagination, even if they do fly by faster than I can handle.

So excuse me now while I weep until June 9th. Or 10th. Or maybe 11th? At some point I’ll accept that my babies are toddlers, but I get a couple of extra days to deal with it, right? Isn’t that a part of the twin package?

Oh, and I promise I won’t be one of those parents with 32 month-old babies. Probably.

One thought on “…and suddenly I get it.

  1. this is so true. all of it is true. and I cannot believe that they are going to be ONE soon. how did that happen? why can’t the growing happen as slowly as the pregnancy seemed to go? p.s. congrats on making it through a whole year mama. that’s a big accomplishment!


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