I’m a sucker for these posts…

time & place | 7:31am, Wednesday. In bed. No, not because I have magical babies that sleep this late. On the contrary, they decided they were ready for the day at 4:30am, then changed their mind around 7:00. And as soon as I put them in their cribs? Playtime!! So here I lie, listening to them not sleep.

loving | My new work schedule. I now just work Mondays and Tuesdays at my office job, and work a couple of nights a week at my old restaurant job (no matter how many times I “quit” that job, I always end up going back for more.) This allows me so much more time with my babes, eliminates day care expenses, and still allows me some adult interaction by way of making money! Admittedly I miss the daily interaction with my coworkers and I’m feeling like I’m missing out on a lot, making it difficult to really feel like I know what’s going on when I am at work, but I know at home (or out and about!) with my babes is exactly where I need to be.

seeking | Plants & flowers. I’m hoping to get some serious planting done this Saturday. Now that we’ve been smacked in the face with summer I’m realizing how desolate our garden beds are! We knocked down this old planter and have been working on some patio updates so I’m hoping flowers will bring it all together this weekend!


craving | I’ve really been craving a way to channel some creative energy lately, resulting in doodles and lots of ideas. I need to bake some elaborate cupcakes, get crafty, or plant aforementioned flowers. Food wise I’m all about cold vegetables, salads, and “picnic food”, which is perfect with Memorial Day so soon!

——>current time & place | 1:39pm, Thursday. I fell asleep while writing yesterday. Oops! Currently sitting on the couch while the boys nap.

destroying | I’m mostly the destruction supervisor around here. For instance, it takes approximately 45 seconds for our living room to go from “acceptably tidy” to “two almost-toddlers definitely live here”. I watch that happen quite frequently.

cherishing | The sweet scent of baby sunscreen lingering in the air from our earlier outdoor adventures.

cooking | Not too much cooking going on here the past few days. It’s hot and muggy so I’ve been throwing together salads for lunches. We did have zoodles with turkey meatballs the other night but I don’t really consider heating meatballs and sauce or spiralizing zucchini “cooking”. Planning to utilize the slow cooker for a Thursday night taco party. Not to worry- my babies aren’t starving- they’re eating zoodles and meatballs too. Plus waffles, yogurt, fruit, mac & cheese, avocado, cheese, plenty of stuff that doesn’t require heating the oven. 🙂

playing | Outside! Finally! I put some water in a shallow tote, along with some kitchen utensils and it provided entertainment for over an hour!


eating | Just finished the last of the zoodles and meatballs!

hating | My cast. I’m over this broken wrist business and have my fingers crossed that when they remove my current cast tomorrow they’ll say, “This looks good, you don’t need another one!” But the chances of that happening are slim to none.

anticipating | The weekend! Always. Gardening Saturday, a cookout and photo session for the boys on Sunday, and just relaxing on Monday! I’m super excited for the cookout, as there will be six littles, all born within a year or so of one another, together for the first time since Labor Day. There are now two more babies on the way so this group just keeps getting better!

collecting | I’ve been a bit more into Pinterest lately. Pinning everything from recipes I want to try this summer, to clothes I should buy since I donated ALL of my clothes while pregnant last spring, to ideas for our next home. Also collecting photo memories for the first year books in putting together for the boys. ::cue tears::

celebrating | Memorial Day weekend! The unofficial start of summer, but more importantly, time to remember and honor those who’ve lost their lives defending our country.

Happy long weekend to you all!

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