& Friday thoughts. | 6.24.16

one. I’m in a coffee rut. I feel like I need coffee, yet none of it really tastes great to me. My go-to iced coffee has lost its luster. I get coffee envy when I see other good looking coffees, but just can’t seem to get mine to taste the way I want. Generally I think hot coffee is good for only booze and winter, but I did try it blended with coconut oil the other day and it was pretty tasty. It’s a fairly healthy option so I might stick with it. Really I think my body may just be telling me that I don’t need coffee at all, but who am I to listen to my body? And who does my body think it is, telling me I don’t need coffee anyway??
twin mom cup.jpg

I should probably get this cup, no?

two. The problem with blending coconut oil in my coffee is that my babies are afraid of the blender. This poses an additional problem because I’ve recently introduced them to crack smoothies, which are also blended (in case you didn’t know), and well, Theo starts to freak out at even the sight of the blender. Soooo, I do as any mom would do. I take the blender out to the garage and close the door while I whip up the goodness!

three. We’ve reached the battery stage. 97% of the gifts the boys were given for their first birthday require AA batteries. And you know what we don’t really have just lying around here? AA batteries. This morning I discovered that HyVee sells a 4-pack for 99 cents so I bought numerous 4-packs since I’m sure they’ll last super long at that price…


four. I want you to know that I did thorough research to find out whether “sike” should be spelled “sike” or “psych”, since essentially it means “I psyched you out, man!” It bothers me a little that I went with the technically incorrect spelling, however it just feels more 90s, you know?


five. My babies (I WILL CALL THEM BABIES FOREVER) have almost zero interest in TV. The only time they really care is when a song comes on. Then they stop whatever they’re doing, have a little five second dance party, and then go back to licking the floor, slamming the cupboard doors, or pulling all of the DVDs out of the basket. I digress.
I mention the TV thing for a few reasons:
a) Most days the TV remains off. All day. Is that weird?
b) When I do turn on the TV, it stays on PBS Kids even though mine are not watching it.
c) I have all of the PBS Kids show theme songs memorized. The Cat in the Hat is my fave.
d) I couldn’t even use the TV for entertainmentif I wanted to.
e) I could totally be binging on NetFlix goodness all day and they wouldn’t even know. They’d probably dig the Pretty Little Liars theme song!

six. I dropped a can of pears on Nolan’s head Wednesday. I did. If you ever want to feel like the worst mom ever, just drop a can of pears on your baby’s head. Bonus points if that same baby smacked his head on the dining room table a few days earlier because you were blinded by his cuteness and didn’t see the danger in the situation that caused him to hit his head. All this to say, we might all start wearing helmets around here. And mine is going to have the two little can holders with straws, a la Homer Simpson.



Also, he’s fine. But I did take him to urgent care just to make sure and to take away a smidge of the mom guilt.

seven. I have been drooling over this recipe for like two weeks, and now, after three trips to the store for the ingredients, I am finally making it for dinner tonight. #mombrain

Have a great weekend, friends!

2 thoughts on “& Friday thoughts. | 6.24.16

  1. Who does your body think it is telling you that you don’t need coffee? You tell it you don’t need to hear that crap. Have you tried homemade simple syrup to jazz it up? Lavender maybe? I have a recipe… 😉 also, tv. It took A til she was 20 months old to learn the joys of sitting through an episode of Daniel tiger. Before that, it was like meh. But as awesome as it is to get a half hour (or 45 minutes) of stuff done, you then have to deal with the asking for more tv and that blows.


    1. You know, I really need to make my own syrup. That sounds like a lovely nap time activity for sometime soon. I’ve actually gone a couple of days without coffee, which was horrific and ended in a migraine-level headache and an emergency Diet Coke, but I’m back on the java now.
      And yeah, I’m not looking forward to the day when they beg to watch TV. I should be grateful that they’re more interested in the remote at this point. That said, I’m blown away at the educational stuff on kids shows now! Perhaps it was educational back in my day too, but just over my head?


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