& Friday thoughts. | 8.5.16

one. Two posts in two days. Who am I? Well, for the past two days I’m the mother of two toddlers that have decided they can, in fact, sleep through the night without being ready for the day before 5am (who are these tiny morning people and who hatched them?!) Alas, this also makes me a mother that is well-rested (relatively speaking) and has been making a little time for herself in the morning. And that time involves blogging!
two. Can we all just agree that mashing your banana or avocado is the more logical way to eat it on toast? 

I mean, the little banana and avocado slices are cute and all but those suckers are slippery and the last thing I want to do is pick up more food from the floor. I already pick up after two tiny humans that find it hilarious when they throw their food on the floor. So I’ll stick to my mashed food on toast, despite its lack of Instagram worthiness.

three. Let’s keep taking about food, huh? Somedays I don’t take a shower or even change out of my pajamas. There, I said it. And this may or may not have been the case on Wednesday. But if I can do just one productive thing with my day, aside from keeping the kids safe and fed, I call it a win. Wednesday this dinner was my win. Mostly local (cucumbers and tomatoes right from my own garden), deliciously prepared food that screams SUMMER. Technically I overcooked the fish but still…win.

four. One more about food. If you aren’t putting peanut butter in your scrambled eggs already, do it now! Seriously. The best combination. I put a little in the pan when they’re cooking, then add another scoop for eating. Nom.

five. Little toddler heads are like magnets for coffee and end table corners so we’ve temporarily eliminated both from our living room decor, which can be pretty annoying when you’re trying to veg out on the couch, right?! Like, how much work would it be to actually hold my coffee cup while I’m social media binging?? Luckily, I’m very innovative. 😉

six. Because if you know anything about me you know that I like odd numbers but not necessarily 3 and 5.

We made it over to Pope Farm Conservancy on the very last of Sunflower Days so the flowers were just past their peak, but still beautiful and plenty, providing great photo opportunities. It seems silly, going to visit nine acres of sunflowers, but it was actually a fun little family outing! 

and seven. Because if you know anything about me you know that I dislike even numbers far more than 3 or 5. 😉

No matter your political preference, this right here is downright adorable.


Happy weekending, friends! Oh, and GO TEAM USA! But I’ll also be keeping a close eye on the Australian men’s swim team because um, hi Rhys Howden.

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