currently | 9.14.16

time & place | Wednesday, 10:07am. I’m in bed, drinking coffee, listening to the boys fight their nap that they so desperately seemed to need ten minutes ago. We’re in that weird transition period where they don’t always need two naps each day, but some days they do, & some days one does but the other doesn’t. And well, it’s just a weird, slightly frustrating little time. But I’m stoked that I can sit here, in bed, not too worried about anything other than my nap-fighting babes because for once we don’t have a bajillion things going on this week/weekend.

loving | As much as I don’t want to admit it, I am actually loving the cooler weather & shift to fall. I’ve fully embraced seasonal candles. I’ve started getting one pump of pumpkin spice in my iced coffee. I’ve worn last year’s boots twice. I’ve started shopping for new boots. And scarves. My nails are (relatively) freshly manicured & sporting a dark purple/maroon color. I’m looking forward to the pumpkin patch & the apple orchard & fall baking.

seeking | An answer to why Nolan is wide awake from 2am-4am lately. He’s not really upset, in fact, he’s downright happy sometimes. He doesn’t seem to be in any sort of pain. I guess he just wants a middle of the night mommy date? This is actually alright by me, but we could both probably benefit from those couple hours of sleep. And if there’s some way I could be helping him rest, I’d love to do so.

craving | Vegetables. Bonus if I don’t have to wash/peel/chop/roast them myself. But everyone else in this house is either incapable of cooking or just thinks they are (ahem) so I’m stuck doing the dirty work.

destroying | The chocolate chip cookies my mom baked while she was here watching the boys yesterday. Irresistible.

cherishing | Theo’s curls before we get them cut off tomorrow. I would let his curly mullet grow forever, but to spare him from hating me later in life, for letting him rock a mullet, he will get his first hair cut tomorrow.

cooking | Cauliflower. I’ve been on a low-carb kick lately (you know, minus the cookies) so cauliflower has been a nice little replacement for potatoes & pasta & other starchy goodness.

playing | “BA!!” Always. Theo must be playing with a ball, at all times. So in turn, I’m always playing with a ball. And Nolie is really into books lately so I’m also reading a lot of One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. Fine by me!
eating | Aforementioned cookies, dipped in coffee. Breakfast of champions.

hating | The news. Can this election just be over already? Can we find a way to eliminate heroin? And when can world peace become a reality? Because I just hate to turn on the news these days. Yet I can’t not watch it, ya know?
anticipating | Taking a shower, I guess? A shower is a legitimate thing to be excited about when you’re a mom.

collecting | Recipes. Low-carb, fall-inspired, slow cooker, etc. This is my new favorite recipe.

celebrating | Nothing. And I love it. Not that I don’t love a celebration, but I’m super happy to have a weekend free from running around like crazy. So I guess we’re celebrating an upcoming weekend of doing whatever we want!

5 thoughts on “currently | 9.14.16

  1. I just love these. I read this when miss Amelia was boycotting her nap yesterday and it made me feel like we were in the same boat haha. seriously, I cannot wait for the day I get to see you in person and give you the biggest hug! these posts will have to do for now!


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