& the weekend | v. 2

My weekend started on the best foot, you guys! A foot in a wedged bootie, might I add, because I had someplace to go other than Target or the grocery store with toddlers.*

It was ladies’ night!!

Full disclosure: I had to ask my brainy & beautiful friends for proper punctuation advice on this Snap. Because #mombrain.

We went to so many places, had so many drinks & appetizers, and had so much fun! I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with these beautiful ladies these days so it was worth it, even if I did have a temporary, micro hangover Saturday morning.

The rest of the day was spent at a fun little festival, where we got to see lots of family & friends. Again, so many people we don’t see often enough!

Sunday included Costco, swinging by my cousin’s soccer game, chili & cornbread.

My aunt & uncle came over to collect a few pieces of furniture that were passed down from my grandma, which leaves me one step closer to a home office, my very own little spot in the house!

Hope your weekend was splendid & Monday wasn’t too rough on you!!
* running errands with my littles, clad in sweatshirts, leggings & tennis shoes is one of my very favorite things. But getting dressed up now & again is fun too. 😉

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