& the weekend | v. 5

Do you ever have one of those weekends that goes pretty much the exact opposite of your expectations? Not in a bad way, just not how you'd expected. Well, that was the sort of weekend we had here!
We had all sorts of tentative plans and ended up doing, essentially, none of them. And while I feel a little sad that our weekends of summer fun are quickly coming to an end, it was also really nice to just be home. We had all been fighting a mild summer cold so when it came right down to it, staying home was probably the best option for all potential plans.

Friday night we went out to dinner and ran into a friend, who informed me that two of our mutual friends happened to be home at the same time; one from NYC & one from Spain. So in an incredibly uncharacteristic move, we came home from dinner, put the boys to bed,  and at 9pm… I LEFT THE HOUSE. What?! Who am I?? Of course visiting for "a couple hours" turned into me driving everyone home, and not getting back to my own home until 3am. I am SUCH a mom.

Nolan was apparently feeling the lack of sleep for me and voluntarily started his Saturday nap at 10:30, approximately 3 hours before his normal nap time. Thus, completely ruining any chances of attending the birthday party we'd been invited to. But the boys were at that thick, opaque, slimy snot seeping-out-of-their-nose stage of their cold, which I feel like doesn't really go over well at a two year-old's birthday party anyway. So home we stayed!

So as not to let the summer weekend completely pass us by, we did spend all of Saturday afternoon in our backyard. Nolan is quite the gardener these days, picking all of our cherry tomatoes, whether they are ready to be picked or not. He doesn't eat them, just carries them around, maybe occasionally pretends to eat one, & gets ticked if you try to eat them. Next year we'll work on the purpose of the garden, I suppose.

Sunday I headed out bright and early for groceries, and since my father-in-law was here for a visit, all of the boys hung out together while I cleaned out the fridge and prepped some food for the week. This is probably my favorite Sunday task. I just LOVE going into the week with an organized fridge! Does that make me sound a million years old? Yep, and I'm totally okay with that.

Perhaps the biggest excitement of the weekend was transitioning the boys to toddler beds. They've been climbing out of their cribs for months now so it was just time.

It has gone pretty seamlessly in regards to sleeping through the night, but getting them to lay down and stay there when they first go down has been a bit of a challenge. Tonight I think we'll start the bedtime routine earlier than usual, so as to allow time for shenanigans without pushing the actual bedtime back too late. Okay, and also so I can be in bed by 9:00. 😉

Hope you all had the best weekend, plans or not!

One thought on “& the weekend | v. 5

  1. hahaha this is how most of our weekends look. i’m bad at plans. and i also love the feeling of an organized fridge. my freezer on the other hand…woof.

    p.s. good luck with the toddler beds. basically, they’re fine. but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to trap them some nights??


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