Thoughts on Thursday

I know it’s Friday, but completing a post in one day is hard! Also, I did not auto-renew my paid account here (I’m honestly not sure if I’m going to), meaning I do not have any media space available so…words. You get words. Happy Friday, friends!

It has been almost exactly two years since I first started experiencing post-partum hair loss. The loss was no big deal. I have a ton of thick hair and I’ve always been a shedder. In fact, the 34 weeks of my pregnancy were the only weeks of my life that I can remember not clogging the shower drain every few days. Yeah, I’m one of those people that lets it collect there for a few days before getting rid of it. #notsorry. So I can’t say that I really noticed the loss, other than having to clean the shower drain more frequently. But the regrowth?! Seriously the worst. For the longest time I was rocking micro-bangs about 20 years after they last went out of style (though I guess maybe they’re back in now? again?), but today while getting ready for work I noticed that my regrowth is actually, FINALLY, sort of blending in with the rest of my hair!


Have any of you been following the Paul Heiner Swenson case? The guy disappeared after “acting strangely”/having heart issues/under the influence of LSD, depending upon which story you read. 30 years old, happily(?) married, 9 month-old daughter, Utah-native, Mormon, everyone’s best friend. Seemingly picture-perfect on the outside. But his wife’s blog would tell another story. About a month before his disappearance she published a post that pretty explicitly states he had an affair with her best friend. I’ve read that the post was “heavily edited” after his disappearance, but it is still rather obvious. So then some reports say that he actually just took off, in his wife’s BMW, which was then found in an elementary school parking lot, under “suspicious conditions”. Apparently the car contained things that did not belong to Paul or Ashlee, including a bottle of alcohol. Fast forward a couple weeks and he was found floating in a creek 30 minutes from his home. Sadly, tragically, he was laid to rest last week. For the sake of his grieving family, I have not included links to anything other than the news story of his disappearance. However, there are a lot of theories out there, and I cannot help but be absolutely engrossed by each one I find. What his family must going through is awful and terrible and I would not wish it on my worst enemy. The fact that his daughter will grow up without him, and will someday learn of this story, literally makes my stomach hurt, but you guys…this is the stuff Lifetime movies are made of. WHAT. ACTUALLY. HAPPENED??? I must know.


I’ve had quite a few requests for baking lately, which is fun and sort of stressful since I’m rusty and these people are hiring me for important events. But the more baking I do, the more inspired I am to test out/create new recipes. I somehow dreamed up (or maybe saw it somewhere?) the idea of a Monster Cookie Cake and now I just have to try it, don’t you think? As luck would have it, we have a 35th “NOT-birthday party” this weekend so I’m going to give it a whirl! I’ll do my best to take notes so I can share the recipe if it turns out.


I finally ordered some essential oil diffuser bracelets from my gal, Erin, and was then inspired to attempt to make some old school friendship bracelets. Because, I don’t know, it just seems appropriate to have an armful of braided bracelets at the start of the school year. Even though I’m not starting school? But as it turns out, I only know how to make one kind of knot, and despite a million online tutorials, I just can’t seem to create a single decent-looking friendship bracelet. At least not any of the cool, flat ones like chevron or hearts. I can only make the knotted. But that’s okay because these diffuser bracelets are just lovely on their own. And I can’t seem to take a not awkward photo of my wrist adorned with them so you’ll just have to click over and see for yourself.


I think I’m ready to embrace the fall. It’s been cool here, instead of 90 degrees and extreme humidity as is usual for the end of August. And I guess I don’t hate it. The cool mornings have been perfect for snuggling on the couch while everyone is still waking up, and having the windows open is my favorite, even though my husband would rather just live inside of an air conditioned box all of the time. Like, why, when it’s cooler outside than we even have the air conditioning set, do we HAVE TO HAVE THE A/C ON??!


This Is Us is returning soon. Did you know I couldn’t ever bring myself to finish season one because I just wasn’t ready to ugly cry so much? Well, it’s probably time to deal since season two is almost here. The thing is, this show is going to make me sob for its entirety. Just like Parenthood did. So I just have to suck it up because I know it will be worth it. Also just like Parenthood.



Speaking of shows, we’ve been watching The Sinner and loving it.

That’s all. The thoughts are done. Good night, friends!

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