Historically November is a month where I choose to do a cleanse of some sort. Usually I give up alcohol until Thanksgiving, but I’ve also been known to make the decision to give up alcohol + grains + dairy + soy… and as you might imagine, the latter usually never lasts more than a few days. Giving up alcohol for (nearly) a month has never been an issue, however, when I started participating in “no-drink November” it was at a time in my life when I was drinking a lot. Often. Like, getting drunk every weekend, sometimes twice. And also drinking frequently during the week. So it made sense to give that up for many reasons. Especially in November. My birthday on December 2nd essentially kicks off a month-long celebration, in which drinking is often involved, so it was always nice to take a little break before coming face-to-face with all the drinks and sugar everywhere I turned.

But now I’m at a point in my life where I don’t drink much. And though I set out to avoid alcohol this November initially, it just didn’t feel right this time. It truly didn’t seem like much of a sacrifice and I guess that’s sort of the point of giving something up in the first place?

So I have committed to not drinking during the week, which means my occasional mid-week boozy afternoon coffee is out. My once or twice weekly beer after my shift at the Great Dane is out. Having a drink with dinner Saturday AND a mimosa with brunch on Sunday morning is out too. But one or the other is a-okay. For this month I’m choosing one day; Saturday or Sunday, in which I can have a drink or two. I suppose I might let Friday night count as the weekend too (my phone definitely auto-corrected that to The Weeknd because it knows I love me some alternative r&b) should the opportunity present itself.

I’m officially rambling on about something that I’m not actually giving up though, so let’s move on.

Instead of alcohol, this November I’m saying no to Starbucks. It’s No Starbucks November over here. Not coffee all together because I’m not that insane. But I am giving up Starbucks. Here’s why:

1. I don’t need it. I drink 1-2 cups of coffee every morning before I go to work. On the days I stay home? I drink at least that much. There is absolutely no reason for additional coffee beyond that.

2. I don’t enjoy it. Okay, this is only partially true, but if I’m being totally honest, I get it out of habit most days more so than enjoyment. Some days I even find myself not finishing a grande because I’m just over it before it’s gone. This is not only a waste of money, but also time since I generally hit up the drive-thru on my way to work.

3. It’s a game. I have a gold card, you guys. I’m kind of a Starbucks big deal. 💁🏻 No but really, that bonus star game is addictive. Every time I get an email that it’s bonus star day you can guarantee that I’m going out of my way to get a coffee, mostly for those bonus stars. Stupid.

4. It’s expensive. Even though my usual, every day iced coffee is only $2.90, and that is so much less than any other habit I could have, it adds up, and quickly. Occasionally I’ll treat myself to an iced latte instead, which is stupid expensive. And then what about the extra money I spend at Target, when what we need is perfectly easy to find elsewhere, but I choose Target for the added benefit of Starbucks while I browse. And since (frappu) “ccinos” are synonymous with Target for my little guys, that’s an added expense. Then I’m spending nearly $7 (they share a tall vanilla bean Frappucino) at Starbucks before we’ve even put anything in our cart. Again, stupid.

And while my every day Starbucks order is unsweetened (or sometimes just one pump) with just a splash of coconut milk or cream, I’m choosing to see this as a diet for my wallet AND my waistline.

Do I plan to give up Starbucks forever? No.

But it truly used to be a once or twice weekly treat, and it’s crazy how quickly it gets out of hand. I’m looking forward to indulging in a creamy, sweet iced latte for my free birthday treat at the start of next month, and then sticking to a twice weekly max.

So that’s all, a long-winded story about saying no to the ‘Bux for a bit. Do you participate in No-vember? Am I the only one that does? Did I make this up?!

2 thoughts on “NO-vember

  1. i’ve never done No-vember, but now i want to. is it too late for me to start? i’ve had wine every day this week, and i feel like i should probably do the no drink during the week thing. although, we do that on other random months too, so i’m not sure how much of a challenge that would be. i should probably give up starbucks too, because i’ve realized lately that i’m literally only trying to rack up points, which is the dumbest thing ever. they put a drive through ‘bucks on my way to the grocery store, so it’s basically the worst. maybe that and snacking on the days i’m home. oof.


    1. Yesterday, when Justin was working all day but my brain knew it was the weekend & I should not be solo parenting, I realized what a wise decision it was to allow myself one day to drink each week. I’m not positive if that $5 Target wine is actually amazing or if it was just that necessary that taste didn’t matter. 😉
      The Starbucks thing really hasn’t been too tough so I’m glad I stuck with that. I’ve been immediately deleting all emails from Starbs so as not to be tempted to play that ridiculous star game. I honestly can’t believe I got so caught up in it!


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