Don’t go to Target today.

Target is on fiiiiire this week. If you didn’t already know this, let me tell you… it’s Cyber Week at Target. Which means that they are offering up some serious savings, online only. So instead of wandering the aisles of Target, you should stay home, in front of the sparkling Christmas tree, wearing your fuzzy socks, drinking a bottle glass of wine, and do the shopping from your couch!

Earlier this week they were offering 40% off on all bedding, which means that I got brand new bedding for the whole family for less than $70.00. No joke. I had a few coupons, but they are also offering free shipping & returns until December 23rd soooo that worked out pretty well.

And today, there are tons of deals on seriously awesome stuff. Sporting goods, car seats,  TVs, Pack ‘n Plays, Christmas lights, this delicious-looking Mongolian faux fur rug (probably don’t need it, but maybe I do?!). SO. MUCH. STUFF, you guys. The GoPro HERO5 is even $90.00 OFF! I might just start wearing one of those every day because NINETY DOLLARS OFF!!!

Despite being totally overwhelmed when I looked through the deals, I did try to focus ever-so-slightly, in order to put together a brief gift guide that might help you do a bit of online shopping. Not that anyone I know has ever needed help shopping online. 😉

target cyber weekdeals

For the kids:

How cute is this Melissa & Doug Diner?! Get it for your kids and then spend all of your free time pretending to serve diner guests that tip well and don’t complain when you’re sold out of apple pie before the end of the lunch rush.

On that note, also get these Mr. Sketch markers and sniff the heck out of them while your kids color, reminding them that these are the ONLY markers that are safe for sniffing.

Do said coloring and marker sniffing on this super cute Paw Patrol Activity Table.

I’ve yet to meet a kid of any age that didn’t love Magna-Tiles. But they can be pretty spendy, so stocking up when any sort of discount is offered is very wise.

For the culinary-inclined:

Kitchen-Aid Mixer is always a good gift for someone who likes to bake cookies, cakes, etc. And if you’re the gift giver, you can probably assume you’ll be paid in sweet treats. So it’s a win for everyone, really.

And idk why, but this Oster roaster oven really spoke to me. Like, when the whole world is all about smokers and fancy kitchen technology I’m just drawn to the simplicity of things like this.

We received the Ninja Coffee Brewer as a Christmas gift two years ago and it is still used on the daily over here. Love this system, only wish I still had the milk frother. When the day comes that our Ninja kicks the bucket, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another.

For the gadget lover:

Am I the only one that doesn’t have/want one of these, but if someone wanted to buy me one that would be okay? Apple Watch

I have weird ears and few “buds” work well for me, but I feel like Beats are so cool looking that I could just wear them as an accessory.

Things that don’t really fit into the above categories:

I’m not really sure why/if people still buy CDs, but I imagine they do. And I also imagine that you have a T. Swift fan somewhere on your list, but sometimes those T. Swift fans like to keep their fandom on the DL, so you should give this T. Swift reputation cd + magazine to a fan that might not buy it for themselves because they would lose street cred.

Know any whiskey lovers? Chances are they already have a set of drinking stones, but can you really have too many little frozen rocks to put in your whiskey? Methinks not.

Everyone needs towels, always. Boring? Yes. Practical? Absolutely. Buy these for the person on your list that already has everything. Or for yourself, whatever works.

And finally. Yes, your entire family DOES need matching pajamas for Christmas.

I think it’s pretty obvious that this post is absolutely littered with affiliate links. If you don’t know what that means, it means that if you click the link and end up purchasing the item in the said link, I get paid for it. But don’t worry, I’m not going to get rich or anything, and if I do I promise to buy you something from this list. The truth is, I don’t care if you use my affiliate links or not (I mean, I took the time to add them so obviously it’s fine if you do 😉 I just really want you all to know what freaking fabulous deals are out there right now. And for the very first time I’m encouraging you to stay away from Target and do your shopping online!!

Bonus information:

There are additional savings to be had if you order online and schedule in-store pickup, if that is available in your area.

If you spent over $50 at Target on Black Friday and received the 20% your entire purchase coupon, you can absolutely use it online and then AGAIN in-store. I discovered this by happy accident and maybe Target will figure it out soon, in which case, do this RIGHT AWAY.

Aforementioned free shipping (and returns) until December 23rd AND 10% Target Gift Cards on THIS SUNDAY (12/3) ONLY!

unnamed.jpg unnamed (1)

Happy shopping and happy Friday, friends!!







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