Coffee Date?

I mean, why not? It’s been a couple of months since we last chatted. If you’re free, I’m free. By free of course I mean stuck in the house because a) it’s April but also January 97th as far as weather as concerned, and b) we’re in the throes of potty training boot camp, which means we’ve got two sweet little booties running around practically naked and mostly not informing me when they need to go. So it might take me all day to type this post (spoiler: it took me a full 24 hours) because we’re on that sit-on-the-potty-every-20-minutes-whether-you-need-to-go-or-not schedule.

Lately I’m drinking my coffee with some Califia Farms Better Half, sometimes sweetened, sometimes not, just depending on what I’m feeling when I shop. (s/o to Teri for convincing me to try this stuff again!!)

The only place around here that carries it is HyVee (okay and probably Whole Foods but that is an incredibly inconvenient and expensive trip to make regularly) where I exclusively shop on Wednesdays because Wellness Wednesday means 10% off everything in the health department. So on Wednesdays, I stock up on Califia Farms  and/or nutpods, Kite Hill chive cream cheese (if you haven’t experienced this deliciousness, TRY IT!),  Nut Thins, LaCroix, Dave’s Killer Bread and basically any other non-dairy and/or gluten-free snacks of the moment. We definitely eat plenty of dairy and gluten around here, but I’ve been making an effort to incorporate more plant-based foods where we can.

On a related note, I’m also doing a bunch of food prep today. And I’m just keeping it simple. I haven’t been super into meat lately so lots of veggies for me. On the contrary, the men in my life think that every meal must revolve around meat so I’m letting J handle dinner on the days he gets home from work before me, and then making meals for the whole family when I’m home. Sometimes. And the rest of the time we have just been going out on family dates. I’ve decided I can’t spend any more time planning, shopping, and prepping meals that are healthy, but also liked by everyone. I just like different foods than the rest of my family and that’s okay. So admittedly most of this food prep is for me, but I will happily share should anyone like some!

In addition to potty training, our house is otherwise chaotic in terms of more remodeling. This time we’re updating our master bath and it’s going to look grrreat, but sadly we won’t get much use out of it because we’re just remodeling to sell.

That’s right, we’re making a move! Truthfully we’ve been trying to move back “home” to Spring Green for about a year, but because the housing inventory is so low there, and the houses don’t last more than a week on the market here, we’ve held out on listing our house because we didn’t have anywhere to go. Last month we found a house, fell in absolute LOVE with it, and didn’t get it. So we realized we really needed to get rid of our house so we didn’t have a contingency on our next offer. As such, we were able to find a townhouse in Spring Green with a month-to-month lease while we figure out our next step. If the perfect home becomes available, we’ll make an offer, if not we’ll further entertain building new as an option. It’s all a little surreal since we are still very much living here and have not listed nor set a moving date, but the lease on our townhouse starts May 1, so this is actually happening!

Today marks the first day in literal weeks that everyone is mostly healthy in our house. Not even joking. We have all had some form of sore throat, congestion, cough, disgustingness for a MONTH. The boys have thrown up as a result of choking on mucus more times than I can count, I missed a day of work because I was so achy I could barely lift my arms above my head, and Justin has dealt with a sore throat and cough for what seems like half a year. Of course it’s all been just viral junk so we’ve really only been using natural remedies and loads of ibuprofen (for me anyway, and way more than I ever used after an appendectomy, wisdom tooth removal, or birthing two babies 26 minutes apart), but it seems like we might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Of course just as we were all finally feeling slightly less cold-flu yuckiness, Theo got hit with a 24-hour stomach flu bug on Thursday/Friday (honestly I’m so done with vomit). But with any luck we’re over that incubation period and the chances of the rest of us catching it are slim.

Theo and I baked a cake yesterday while Nolan and dad ran errands, and I actually have no idea what type of frosting/decor is going on it so I’d better get to it before I lose all ambition.

Let’s do this again soon, k?

One thought on “Coffee Date?

  1. ahhh so exciting about the move! we are in the same position in terms of inventory/moving home/etc. so we are still probably a year out, unless we find the perfect house before then. just thinking about the work makes me want to change my mind though…


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