12 thoughts on “Fielder

  1. Thanks! He seriously breaks my heart with his adorable personality and looks each every day. The hubby and I have agreed that we’ll always go for rescued pups in the future. They tend to have the sweetest dispositions!


  2. Ahh, he is so cute! Love his story 🙂 I didn’t let my apartment know about my dog at first either, but then I got scared that they would find out and fine me, so I ended up telling them.


    1. I too, told my landlord even though I didn’t meet her one time in the entire 3 years we lived at that place. She was pretty upset when I told her but rather than kicking us out, she required us to sign another year lease as a “committment” to them?! All I know is I would’ve gone without a home if that meant keeping my dog. 🙂


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